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  1. On the Windows app dashboard there are THREE links to Immunet pages at the bottom: Support, Feedback and About. I enforce HTTPS in my Web browser and it throws a warning that these URLs are not secured by default. Please consider enforcing HTTPS on all outbound links from the Windows desktop app.
  2. I'm also experiencing this issue on a brand new Lenovo V15-IIL laptop. Please note the correct spelling is: UserInitMprLoginScript. On further researching I located https://attack.mitre.org/techniques/T1037/001/ but mitigations are for enterprise systems. Seeking guidance towards resolving on a personal laptop. Edit: tested with Windows REGISTRY EDITOR open and could NOT observe anything happening in HKCU\Environment. Should that live refresh? OneDrive warned it would not sync whilst in battery saving mode. Apart from LED to power button pulsing I have no other battery warning. Tested plugging in power in multiple discharge levels. When LED started flashing Immunet warning did NOT occur when plugging in power. After OneDrive battery saver warning pop-up the Immunet warning DID occur when plugging in power.
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