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  1. I was able to recover all files by not scrolling to the bottom of the list.
  2. That's all good, but the bug is in the interface of IMMUNET itself. I am unable to recover the file due to an error (on the screenshot). When scrolling through the list of files in quarantine, an error occurs with the window in the screenshot, after which the delete and restore buttons are disabled. Also error window can't be closed.
  3. i think, that this is not the case. i need to restore mozilla thunderbird mailbox file. file "inbox" not blocked any programm or process. the problem is that the IMMUNET encrypts the quarantine file.
  4. maybe i neeed newer version of drh.dll? Or newer VC++ redist and Net Framework?
  5. i have similar problem on win10, when tryn' restore 3 files from end of quarantined files list I have an error, when I slide list of quarantined files till end of list (by mouse or by slider down arrow in list) after the error message appears, the "delete" or "restore" buttons become inactive type unconsistent == type mismatch any advices?
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