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  1. Forgive me for the late answer zombunny2, unlike what you said I think the security you put on your windows machine is completely fine and legitimate. Better be safe than sorry, as windows is the prime target of hackers. As for myself, on my Windows I decided to go for Immunet + Avast/Kaspersky (in turn one month each) At first I wanted to go for Bitdefender but it's trying to force the uninstallation of Ummunet with no-compromise. I thought of installing Bitdefender first then exclude Immunet if it's possible, but I was a bit against it after some research as many people seems to say that there is an incompatibility from Bitdefender side, so maybe for later. For a firewall, I'm going to try both Comodo firewall (best available now but have some bad points concerning pop-ups & adware) and Tinywall (currently using). As for the finishing touch, ProtonVPN, 9Quad dns, Brave browser with extensions such as Brave shield, Duckduckgo Privacy Essentials, uBlock origin, and I'm considering some in-demand scanning software for malwares and spywares like HitmanPro. I think that's what you can call overdoing, but I personally think it's alright. We only need to go through this once and you can rest easy with a peace of mind afterward. Also learning new stuff is fun and useful.
  2. I see, well thank's again Ritchie (you got such a good name that I feel like mentioning it everytime). Also I'm using Win8.1, I'm going to check what's better for me from the AVS you advised me with and do comparisons. Best regards,
  3. Thank you very much Ritchie! It's good that only unknown or suspicious files are sent while keeping privacy. And if it's okay I wish to ask another question. What good AV is good to use with Immunet currently? I tried to download the Comodo AV+Firewall but was met with troubles from both my Immunet av and browsers that see the setup file as harmful. I was told then that Comodo is not that good now and it was better to just use Windows defender in this case. Any thoughts on that?
  4. Hello, I'm new to Immunet and I wish to ask some questions. What's the difference between Ethos and the option of sending files of interest to Immunet for analysis (from Miscellaneous Settings). How do they work? And to what extents either of them affect privacy and safety? What happens if I were to disable one of them or both? Would I still receive the complete protection?
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