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  1. @ritchie58 I understand the transition is easier for others than for me. The paradigm of its layout and structure is insane to me. I do not organize anything that way, nor do I think anywhere close to however it is structured. Whatever logic is behind it escapes me utterly. All I see is indistinct blobs various colors with no clear borders or structure, besides, I want a computer, not a desktop sized tablet. Even if I could adapt, I could never use it anyway. I have a lot of other people's IP on my systems. The telemetry alone is a big enough threat. They backup your user profile and copy files to 'Have them available where ever', which I cannot afford. I can't risk any of my logins or credentials to customer systems being mirrored anywhere. And no, I do not trust microsoft to keep things confidential any more than I trust google or apple to. The concept of being locked out of my own system like that guarantees I will never use it. I have never regged any system of mine, and I never will. It is my computer, and it is private. Sadly, linux is not designed to have a desktop as it not intended for desktop use, so no real hope there. Hope you have a nice day. Janus.
  2. @ritchie58 Thank you for your time. Yes, I am aware that Microsoft no longer supports Win7. However, due to the nature of W10 there is no way I can ever use it. I am impatiently waiting for ReactOS to go beta, after which I am hoping to ditch windows completely. Not ranting, but the telemetry alone disqualifies W10, as do cloud accounts, and the list goes on. They can make a very nice desktop OS, I prefer XP SP3 to Win7 BY FAR!!!, which classic shell fixes most of, but the direction after W7 is useless to me since I want a computer not a device, simply put, for me it is broken all the way through. My needs are simple, scan what I want scanned when I want it scanned, and otherwise just be ready. My systems are not setup normally, nearly all my tools and programs are portable, most of which I compile myself, and have several versions, each configured for a specific task or type of job. I make as close to zero usage of the profile as I can, "My documents" is actually empty other than save games and visual studio stuff. Sad to hear there is no way to configure immunet to do just the subset I need. I will be removing it, then making a shell script then. I hope what I need will be available in the future, but please do be aware, it is currently ignoring multiple user settings as I listed above. If it were to adhere to those, I could adapt, but the way it right now, it gets in the way of troubleshooting. Thank you again for your time. Janus.
  3. Hi, been trying out immunet for the last several months. Got tired of intrusive antiviral bloatware that "knows it all so you don't have to", wanted to try something leaner I can configure. What I need is a context menu scan, and an ondemand scan, nothing else. System is Win7, SP1:NO W10 systems on network, wouldn't have one for fresh ice water anywhere. I have Immunett configured for my needs. Since installing my machine has slowed. Program monitor install & start: OFF Blocking mode:OFF Quarantine Malicious & Suspicious: "Ask me" No scheduled scans since I rarely download executables, and check those carefully. Despite this however, Immunet continues to : Monitor installs and starts. Block processes. Auto quarantines on detection. Get bogged down during large compiles, especially those with more than a few hundred files. How do I? Or is there a way to configure Immunet to be a simple content menu virus scanner, and nothing else. I get an archive I want to scan, before or after extraction, then I tell it, otherwise it just sits in the background doing nothing. If this is not feasible, then I will go back to using clam on the command line. Thank you for your time. Janus.
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