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  1. i also wonder if it is a common issue or just me but i guess it should be since the cause is obvious for me and the partial workaround confirms that as i wrote i only use cloud engine always
  2. answering your questions yes it is the latest build 'Blocking Mode' & 'Monitor Program Start' are always disabled by me also clam av both options always disabled only cloud options enabled at the moment i have uninstalled september win7 kb update and using immunet av as usual
  3. hello i just want to inform developers of immunet free av that since installing the latest monthly rollup update offered on windows update on september 14 2021 kb5005633 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/september-14-2021-kb5005633-monthly-rollup-cc6f560a-86da-4540-8bb1-df118fa45eb8 booting win7 ultimate 64 bit has become painfully slow it takes lots of minutes to load all drivers of the system and start windows also welcome screen stays for some time and drivers or files of os keep loading for minutes after the opening of desktop area making it non usable the problem is related with immunet when av uninstalled and rollup kb installed everything returns to normal also when the latest monthly rollup is uninstalled and immunet installed everything is ok from changelog of win update monthly rollup page for kb5005633 i suspect some drivers signing problem but that's just an idea "Addresses an issue in which a driver might not install if the driver is signed with more than one code sign signatures. " in every case and whatever the cause please take a look and release a fix so i can still use immunet av and update windows7 properly
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