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  1. I can find my way around the green tick marks now and they are mostly from the browser. However I still can't find out what's caused the warning.
  2. The history (only for today) is a huge list of green ticks that just keeps scrolling and the warning doesn't say which file(s) caused it.
  3. As a new user I'm finding Immunet nice and lean however there are some lack of features I'd like to fix or understand, if possible. Although I enable gaming mode it only stays that until the next reboot. It sometimes pops up a message in the systray that is meaningless to me. I can't copy the text and if I look in file history there's no information there about whatever this event is and in the default setting there's too much info about non-problems to find anything. How to copy the text of the popup? How to get more detailed info about any warnings? How to permanently disable any non critical messages altogether?
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