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  1. Hello Ritchie, Thanks for the reply. Yes i'm update with the version installed. Everything was fine until about 2 months where i started to get random reboots of the production server. And when i took some time to check the dump files, it's that ExPrevDriver.sys in cause ... Is there not a way just to update this file or use a older version of it ? You think my last try should be to desinstall Immunet completely and reinstall it ? Kinds regards, Paul
  2. Hello, I've got Immunet on my 2012 R2 production server and i'm starting to have some blue screens (BSOD) and Windows crashes and reboots. When i check my dump files, i get the same cause that the crash was provided by the driver ExPrevDriver.sys which is in the folder : Immunet\exprev Any suggestions with this version of driver ? Update ? I've had this problem only since a few months.
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