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  1. This thread is ~6+ years old, and Immunet is still going strong -- as demonstrated by the recent issuance of version 7.0, followed shortly thereafter by update 7.0.2. What next, I wonder? Maybe add a non-signature-based component such as an anti-execution/whitelisting ability. perhaps?
  2. Duhhh... I actually like the current GUI. Go figure.
  3. THIS FAQ page of Immunet's website is grossly outdated as pertains to the paragraph and table that follow after the heading, "Immunet Protect Free is _ _ companion anti-virus, what other anti-virus packages can it run beside?" That portion of the FAQ pertains to a very old & obsolete beta of Immunet. This outdated info can be misleading to visitors to Immunet's website. For example, misinterpretation of that obsolete content caused it to be wrongly cited in Post #9 in a thread about Immunet at Wilders Security Forum. I recommend it be updated or deleted.
  4. Using Immunet (abbreviated herein as "I-net"), I checked the Steam.exe* file that you attached to your post #1. I-net reported that file as clean. I then downloaded the Steam installer from HERE and installed Steam on my Virtual Machine. After installation, I checked the newly-installed Steam.exe file. Its SHA256* is identical to your file's SHA256. I-net also reported that newly-installed Steam.exe file as clean (to be expected, because it is identical to your Steam.exe file). I then had I-net check the entire Steam file folder (lots of files in that folder). I-net said the folder's entire contents are clean. I then started Steam, registered an account, and loaded a free game. I-net never made a peep. On my computer, for one, the Steam folder and the file, Steam.exe, check as clean according to Immunet. Of course, my Steam folder does not contain the same settings & game histories that your folder contains. If Immunet continues to flag Steam, you may need to do a right-click Immunet scan of individual files in your Steam folder. *Steam.exe's SHA256: 0BDA997391C06BCE6B70DB30808136427C83F972D6D48C3554C2A042EFF09224
  5. 10Q for the VT blog link. Verrry interesting! BitDefender (BD) is one of the better antiviruses but tends to be buggy at times and has a fairly heavy footprint.
  6. 10Q for the additional info, Rob. Your course of follow-up action is quite prudent -- it further grows my confidence in Immunet. By the way, I found it interesting that BitDefender was among the many scanners that gave the file a clean bill of health, whereas BitDefender Theta said it's malware. I had never before heard of BD's Theta fork. Do you know anything about it?
  7. Virus Total (VT) is an excellent tool for checking any given file for possible malware. All that's required is to upload the file to VT's website, and it will be scanned by more than 35 scanners including but not limited to Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avira, Avast, Windows Defender, ESET/NOD32, Panda, Ikarus, and many other major Antivirus scanners. Here are 2 choices of methods for uploading a file to VT: 1) Choice #1: Load the file that you want scanned, directly to VT's website at HERE. That site will present you with a small form. Simply click on "Choose File" in the center of the form, and it will take you to your own computer so that you can select the file that you want VT to scan. Almost instantly, after you upload your file, VT will present you with a table of results, listing all of the scanners, and what each of them concluded concerning the file you uploaded. 2) Choice #2: Install an uploader onto your computer. You can get it HERE*. Once this uploader is installed, you can right-click a file and the resultant Explorer Context Menu will include a "Send to Virus Total" option. Simply left-click on that option and the selected file will be uploaded to VT for scanning. The finding of each & every one of VT's many scanners will be displayed online for you. * File Size ~140kb *CHECKSUM -- SHA256: 0918FA4B22D3E212A13FA449A5A7B5C3EC97759DD87DB6D281F387B1570E13C9
  8. 10Q to the nth, RobT. I do hope #3 gets implemented. Aloha from Hawaii, bellgamin
  9. I submitted the file to VirusTotal. Three scanners found the file was infected as follows: BitDefender Theta -- Gen:NN.ZexaCO3.31176.dq0@ayV5l0ii McAfee-GW-Edition -- BehavesLike.Win32.Dropper.tc Ikarus -- Trojan.Crypt NOTE: Virus Total uses ~35 independent antivirus scanners. Of these only 3 scanners (as listed above) reported the file as being infected. I also ran scans with my 2 on-board scanners (Zemana AntiMalware, & HitmanPro). Both scanners reported the file is clean. MY CONCLUSION: I believe this file is a False Positive (FP) because: 1) Only a very small minority of scanners flagged the file as infected. The great majority of scanners reported it as okay. 2) This file does a lot of tweaks to Windows settings that are not usually tweakable by an average user. Thus, its behavioral capabilities somewhat resemble capabilities of certain types of malware. This may account for the few *infected flags* that were raised. 3) You have used this app for a long time and (I assume) you have not encountered any of the usual evidences of computer infection. Bottom Line: Personally, I would clear this file from Immunet's Quarantine and use it. But that's me, and not you. You have to decide for yourself.
  10. I got a flag just after I installed Immunet. The flag told me that I needed to restart the Immunet service. It is rare for a service-type problem to arise, but it's nice to have the tools readily at hand for dealing with those issues. Here are 2 such tools: 1) Windows own built-in services manager: Hit Windows key+R (gets you an entry box) then type "services.msc" (without the quotes) into the entry box. Poof! There's the Windows services manager. 2) ServiWin Service Manager: Goto HERE to read about & download Serviwin. It's FREE! It's the one I use and love.
  11. cscm is also present as of version 7 -- an excellent safeguard with a fairly small footprint.
  12. Immunet's's memory usage on my Win7 laptop is presently 59mb. I do not use Clam. Instead I use HitmanPro (HMP), which is strictly on-demand, using zero RAM & CPU except when actually doing a scan. HMP's sigs & heuristics are totally cloud-based (zero RAM usage). I'm not plugging HMP -- there are several such on-demand scanners that are quite good. I am simply explaining why I disabled Clam. YMMV -- to each his (or her) own.
  13. Because of version 7's excellent improvements to Immunet, I am once again a user and fan of this AV. I have a few comments concerning Immunet's Clam component: 1) I *think* Clam is included with Immunet primarily to enable a user to do a scan without needing an internet connection... correct??? 2) Some folks (I am one of them) do not need Clam because they use some other on-demand AV scanner (such as HitmanPro, McAfee Stinger, Dr.Web CureIt, Emsisoft EEK, & Trend Micro Housecall). I *suppose* this is the reason why Immunet's GUI offers the option of disabling Clam... correct??? 3) However, although Clam can be disabled by using the GUI, Clam is nevertheless resident on one's computer, unnecessarily taking up disk space. It would be nice if the option to NOT use Clam were instead included as an option in Immunet's install routine, so that it would not be loaded onto one's computer at all. By the way, my favorite computer loves immunet because it is VERY easy on RAM & CPU, and it scans really really fast. A beautiful job of programming! Aloha from Hawaii, bellgamin
  14. These processes are incredibly easy on cpu usage. In just over 24 hours of my computer's overall run time since last reboot, the combined total of A-E's 2 running processes is less than 2 seconds. Question: I guess A-E's processes aren't very busy except when I am surfing the web. Correct? I did that right after I installed A-E. So far Immunet plays very nicely with all my securitys apps. Grrreat AV!!!
  15. Brave? No. Foolhardy? Yessss! I d/l MBAE just now & will install it after I clone my C drive. (BTW -- I am a long-time paid user of MBAM. I like it a lot, except that it is bloody slow in loading its GUI.) Thanks muchly for the heads-up re MBAE.
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