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  1. We actually update it once a 1/4 we just do not always announce it. al
  2. Ritchie, I am have marked this as clean, thanks a lot for the submission. The SPERO engine got an overhaul so we might see more FP activity with it. Best, al
  3. FYI. As of right now, these current engines are deployed: Allaple.07.11 Mazebat.07.11 Cosmu.07.06.11 Skin.07.06.11 Dialer.07.06.11 Fakeav.07.11 Fenomen.07.06.11 Ridnu.07.06.11 Startpage.07.06.11 Trymeia.07.06.11 SperoFX Prolixus.0825 Trojan.Generic.1123 W32.Invictus Also you will see convictions ending in .rc - these are from a new cloud engine called Recon. Convictions ending in .tt are from the Turntable engine. Best, al
  4. Crashman, Your refund has been processed as I think Anthony indicated to you in private email. Without the support snapshot or direct access to your system (which I believe Anthony also offered in private email) there is little we can do to solve the problem. Clearly there is an issue here and we would like to solve it. This is not typical (or this forum would be on fire) and I would certainly like to know why it's happening. We're still committed to helping you wort it out, however as you have noted your time is quite valuable to you I understand if you cut your losses here. Best, Alfred
  5. That is a false positive, is it possible to post a screenshot of the detection name? I am interested in which engine is doing it. In any event, it's fixed now. You may wish to put the working directory for these files into the 'Exclusions' list for now. I worry this is a generic detection that might cause you more trouble, I will know more when I see the screenshot. Best, al
  6. Roberto, Actualmente no tenemos una instalación española. Esperamos que uno de mayo. al
  7. SPERO and ETHOS are both generic engines. To be precise SPERO is an engine which is trained using machine learning techniques and is reliant on file 'features' versus a signature per se. ETHOS is an engine which actually uses an algorithm designed to do 'file clustering'. You can turn off both and still be protected from the 20X million threats. That number is derived from the number of files we know we stop with 'one to one' matching which is driven off an engine in the product which cannot be turned off. al
  8. I am not sure how that poll is being done but I find it really, really unusual that Commodo has a higher representation that Avast, AVG and Avira. Something is not right there by a long stretch. If they are just using cookies to track clicks I would hazard a guess at some click gaming taking place. al
  9. Well, we are all going out for dinner tonight to celebrate this. It's a very profound achievement for us, thanks to you guys it's been a lot easier than it otherwise could have been. We are seeing about 6K installs a day right now with that momentum 2,000,000 will certainly happen this year (knock on wood). Thanks again for your support guys. al
  10. What you are seeing here is contention between our real time engine and the other 2 AV products you are running. I would suggest you try disabling the Clam engine, as Orlando suggested. Having said that, we are not compatible with Eset, the problem you are mentioning has happened to other users and may well happen to you again even with the Clam engine turned off. al
  11. Hey Joel, Thanks for pointing that out, I just voted. al
  12. Hi, Can you possibly tell me what your OS and Browser version are? Also, are you running a firewall of any type? al
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