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  1. Another computer; windows 7 ultimate x86, utorrent (latest stable), Immunet (+Avast 5 & Spyware doctor). Again, torrents fail downloading due to file already in use. Removing Immunet solves the problems. So.... Devnullius
  2. When testing my first friend's computer, I had Spyware Doctor (Free Google Pack), Avast Home 5 (high + pup detection) and Immunet. Only after shutting down Immunet, it seemed to work well. Disabling shields in Avast still stopped the downloads. I did not think of excluding a folder with immunet. It's an old feature I once requested, so I should have ; )) Sorry. By default, Avast indeed does not check the torrents. This option (avast 4 + 5) is disabled by default for uTorrent. If enabled, it greatly consumes your CPU (if I remember correctly). I did not change these options, so torrent-traffic-check should have been off. I keep avast shields on High to catch more spyware-related incidents. My friends typically do not know computer-things. I would prefer Spyware Doctor for this task, but this program asks quite a lot of memory - especially it slows down the computer at startup. That's why I try to replace it with Immunet + Avast 5 high+pup's... Should cover the basic. Add Zappit & force Chrome upon the users, and they should be pretty safe... Right? I am curious tough, why you advice not to run avast on high settings? Which problems, if any, do you know of? It seems to work out quit well for my friends... Peace! Devnullius
  3. Both were on Windows XP. It's uTorrent-with-the-greek-mu, v2.04. Thank you for net-tips. It's a more convenient way of shutting it down : ) In my experience, I get lot's of false errors when using warez software. This is understandable, and I can live with it. Afteral, it's a backup-shield : ) I'll repost if I have more friends experiencing problems! Keep it up, waiting for February... Devnullius
  4. Hello, anyone else experiencing problems with downloading torrents with utorrent? I installed immunet for two friends. Both of them cannot download torrents anymore. Removing immunet seems to fix it. Can anyone confirm please? Both friends running Avast 5 (High Shield settings, PUP detection is on). And they both have Google Pack's free Spyware Doctor. On both computers this program is shut down. It's only a backup just-in-case something does happen. Immunet is on with default settings. Also, I would like immunet to completely kill agent.exe if I choose to exit the program!! For now, it doesn't it and keeps messing around in the background. I do not like this. And it might even stop me from installing immunet all together (agein:) :/ Oh, and I had some log-in problems... Not a real problem, but you might want to check for I see other users complaining about it. Peace! Devvie ~~~ devnullius@googlewave.com ~~~ Cuisvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore persevare ------ All spelling mistakes are my own and may only be distributed under the GNU General Public License! - (© 95-1 by Coredump; 2-10 by DevNullius
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