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  1. @vendors ...is an on-execution function like emsisoft antimalware it has on the to-do list for the fututre?
  2. @ the vendors ....since sourcefire acquires immunet,in future we have one product? not clamav and immunet? i think this will be better...the vendors can concentrate to only one product! new name? "Sourcefire Cloud Security Suite" or "Sourcefire Cloud Antivirus" or something else? ideas?
  3. why is it so? is it so difficult to add a flag? i think, par excample the phillipines have only one user, than you should see his flag! looks stupid with the question mark and it looks like beta version not final!
  4. Hello together, first i think the idea is good! thumbs up!!! That GUI design is ok, but no new Idea, looks like GData, Norton and so on and the colours does seem "old".( looks older than the actually Design)... In germany we would say it looks "Altbacken" ... sorry ... But I think the Menu-Button is cool!
  5. that becomes expensive and not simple! Single-Tests are available allways, but the Maintests are not simple to insert!
  6. same problems... and i think that must be fixed, because for a new user of immunet, this makes not a good image! ---> buggy program?? any more bugs?? ... hmmmm--->uninstall...
  7. That`s right sweidre!!! and @orlando ... nice to heare that something is planned :-)
  8. Hi Sweidre, i know i know, i doesnt use the tool, if i want to scan a file, i go to one of this 4 websites and upload the file. my thought was, that immunet join to this sites, so that they get the malware files,who was uploaded to the sites and that more people see the product immunet and try immunet! because i think immunet musst be gowing, faster faster faster... :-)
  9. see: http://malwareresearchgroup.com/category/malwareproducttesting/ Immunet is one of the best!
  10. thats right! Good idea sweidre! also participate to http://virscan.org/about.php , http://virusscan.jotti.org/ , http://www.filterbit.com/ ... Millions of people around the world use this sites! than immunet is more well-known out there and the community is growing up!
  11. Hello, have Immunet an on-execution function like Emsisoft Anti-Malware? so that immunet only scan a file by program-start!? because i use immunet beside comodo internet security and this is on-access, so it is stupid, that i get two pop-ups (from comodo and immunet) by downloading "test-malware" par excample...
  12. the flag from Puerto Rico is not in the immunet database, like the flag from vietnam
  13. :blink: installing - no problems! and uninstalling - no problems too
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