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  1. Thank you, Since this happened, I installed Comodo Disk Encryption, a BIG mistake (it seems to freeze all Windows 7 (64bit?) computers), so ironically, I do not have the problems any more as I am back using the disk image I made in October. I am 90% sure it was Libre Office though as I can not think of any installations I made after the disk image was made!!
  2. I have had this problem with suspected false positives (W32.Generic.Ethos) before a few times, but it did not affect my computer and I have little time so I left them alone. I now have had 7 in the past 3 days, I would like to upload them via the false positive page but zipping them, then uploading takes time and effort. I will get round to it eventually. I would like to make a suggestion to enhance the interface of the Immunet application. It would be great to have an automatic way of uploading and zipping items in the quarantine area that are likely to be false positives - this would make everything so much easier. It would also be nice to be able to copy (and paste) the string in the quarantine file. I have a feeling that the likely false positives I have had over the past few days are something to do with libre office (open office). What is more the strings are non existent and have an illogical structure.
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