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  1. Hi guys, Here is a new review of Immunet 3.0
  2. I have added a background to the design. Perhaps a cool idea to have the program automatically take your current wallpaper and set is as the background in the application?
  3. Hi, I have tried to use the "Immunet" blue and white as primary colors, and added the orange of the download button on the front page of the Immunet website. I did not want to change the layout of the interface from the original in order to keep the simplicity and not have to learn to use a new layout. I was also considering the ammount of work it would be for the technical team to change the layout and functionality of the program because the interface functions in a different way. It was not my intention to come up with a revolutionary new interface design, but rather an 'interfacelift' of the current design. Perhaps I will post some color variations on the design, or even a complete new concept. I guess it won't hurt to see other design posted here as well.
  4. Yes I used Photoshop. The icons are from iconspedia.com (searched under 'free' for use).
  5. This is the default view (with pulldown menus closed).
  6. Hi Immunet staff and fans, I really love Immunet and want to help to make the product even better. I was inspired to create an interface design suggestion for version 3. I tried to keep it in the same size and layout as the original so that is is less work for the makeover. What do you think?
  7. I just downloaded Bufferzone Free. Installed fine (with Immunet Plus), restarted computer and everything seems to be running fine. Only issue I had was that the Bufferzone window was very small when I opened it and I could not resize it, so I uninstalled it. Besides, sandboxing my browser always messes up Roboform
  8. Hi, I have disabled the blocking option (3rd from top) and deleted a 1.5Gb large avi file. It took about 20 seconds before the 'deleting' dialog box was gone and the file was actually deleted. The same happens when I rename large files. I have also added the .avi extension in the exclusion by clicking on 'add extension'. I can confirm this because I see *.avi added in the file extension list. Even by doing this it still takes 20 seconds or so to delete / rename a large file. However, when I turn off Tetra, the files are instantly deleted / renamed within a fraction of a second. I have this problem on my Vista 32bit and Win7 64bit machines. Hope someone here can confirm this 'bug'. PS. I just remembered I posted this before: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/485-tetra-and-renaming-large-files/ and it was indeed confirmed by Immunet Staff. I guess the fix did not make it for the first half of December.
  9. Hi, I have purchased the full version of Immunet that also comes with the Tetra engine. However, this seems to do more bad than good. When the Tetra engine is enable, deleting or renaming large files takes ages. The larger the file, the longer it takes to complete. Perhaps this can be resolved by adding an option to disable the scanning of files larger than 20Mb, or disable scanning of non-executable files. Adding the file type to the exclusion list did not work for me. A strange paradox I found was when my internet connection died and the immunet interface said "disconnected" on the Community column. There was a link underneath the red X that said "Fix it!" However then clicking on it, it opens my browser and takes me to the online support page on the immunet website. This is a bit of a paradox as I have no internet. LOL I don't really have a problem with the second issue, I just thought it did not make sense. I do however would like to see the first issue resolved. I rather not turn off the Tetra engine, after all I did pay for it.
  10. Oddly enough the false positives on the random .NET dll files seem to have stopped for me. I have enable the ETHOS engine again and no warnings when I run FlashDevelop. Wohoo! Anyone else still having problems? The only issue I have left with Immunet Pro (Tetra engine activated) is that is tends to scan huge files as well (example when renaming movies). Excluding movie files did not seem to help. Also the shutdown of my machine seems to be slower than usual. Would be better if you could set it not to scan huge files or scan only code executable files and perhaps something that prevents re-scanning the same file again if it was scanned before.
  11. I believe it has something to do with the .NET framework. It creates random named .dll files for certain applications that use the .NET framework.
  12. Hi, I have recently purchased the full version of Immunet and am now able to use the Tetra engine. However, I did notice that when I mass rename avi files (about 400Mb each) that it takes a while to apply the rename. I have disable the Tetra engine and the rename went instantly again. However, when I re-enable the Tetra engine the rename goes very very slow and my system slows down too. I have added the avi extension as an exclusion but that did not help. Does Tetra scan the entire avi file when I rename it?
  13. I work a lot with FlashDevelop (3.3.0), and every time I start it, I get a W32.Generic.ETHOS warning. FlashDevelop seems to create a random named dll file in the temp directory on every startup and ETHOS detects this as malware. I have tried to exclude the threat name, but no luck. So far the only thing that makes this stop is to disable the ETHOS engine.
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