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  1. The issue with ASK is the adware people behind it, not the toolbar itself. It is just as harmless as Google and Yahoo. But i don`t think security companies should support these people.
  2. I did not reinstall or switch machine, so it is a bit strange this happens. But it works now. Thanks Millard.
  3. I used the free version for a few days, and now it will not accept the license key. I tried to install the one with the built in key, and it just installed the free version. Tried several times.
  4. Exploit and Iframe detection would be nice.
  5. Immunet`s detection should be very high, with the Bitdefender/Tetra engine, and the cloud. I think the other applications performs better with 0 days, because of their web/exploit scanners. Immunet needs one
  6. Google Gears just updated, and no reaction from Immunet, so i guess all is good now.
  7. I wouldn`t draw any conclusions about Immunets performance, before i see it tested by AV-Comparatives or AV-Test.org.
  8. Nothing`s perfect . Immunet is doing quite okay now IMO, and i`m confident that we will see improvement when the cloud gets bigger.
  9. Someone please correct me if i`m wrong. If blocking mode is on, new files are blocked before they are scanned. If no threats are found, they will be released again.
  10. I mean the missed threats. Immunet have had some hours to add protection for them now.
  11. Armin Pasalic, you could try to run the test again, to check if protection have been added now. It could be interesting to see how fast Immunet processes new malware.
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