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  1. could u plz upload it to virus total?
  2. HELLO,Vik, 1st of all, accept my compliments for your sense of humour, u really are cute & funny 2nd, Thank u very very much for your kind explanation! I really don't know how to pay u back! Let me tell u sth about this sality virus, when i used Emsisoft, it detected sality in acrordr32.exe (& many other EXEs, & I deleted it after removing it to quarantine>>> Now, when i scanned using Immunit, it detected the same file (which i'd deleted completely earlier), so how did that happen?? did Emsisoft delete it or not? could there be any rootkits? I scanned by Immunit & found nothing! Cheers, Bayan
  3. would you plz tell me more about "file infectors"?! i don't know anything about them! & would you plz tell me how to get rid of this sality without compromising my system files or deleting them? yours sincerely, bayan
  4. Dear Alfred, what makes me believe that these are not "False positives" is actually 2 things:: 1- I did have the sality virus earlier before installing Immunit. It was detected by IKARUS. (there's a file that's common between -Ikarus & Spero- which is "Acrordr32.exe" , which both detected as infected with sality. I also use IMMUNIT on another PC, & I've the same sality problem, possibly from my dad's USB. 2- If it's false positive, it wouldn't detect "more than 140 files" as infected with Sality. So, I think the infected files are stricken with a file infector as u suggested. More info on "file infectors" would be much appreciated. Thanks alot for your time, plz excuse my simplified English. Yours sincerely, Bayan
  5. Good Morning-evening everyone, I'm a new user. My real name is Bayan, this's my biggest problem:: I installed Immunit Protect Plus (trial) & had it perform a full scan. It found more than 120 copies of: win32.sality.sperto.1013 I removed most of them to quarantine, but some files couldn't be removed cuz they belong to file system . When I moved them to quarantine, I'd several error messages from windows, saying: "Some files have been replaced by unrecognized type. please enter your Windows xp sp3 disk & retry again" When I removed all infected files from quarantine & rescanned, it detected many files infected with sality.spero.1013 again. I can NOT enter Safe Mode. What should i do? bayan
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