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  1. New version yields the same problem that has existed for many moons! Continued disk hashing after running the initial required flash scan? I don't how long the hashing continues...but requires a reboot to calm the disk drive down. Also if the initial scan is stopped prematurely it satisfies the requirement even though it never completed. Win XP Pro SP3..running concurrently with Panda Cloud AV. Davey
  2. Just installed new version a long hiatus! Same problem different day..constant disk hashing after installation and initial flash scan..Agent.exe keeps running. This problem has been going on for ever. I have seen many inquires regarding this problem. The program is totally useless..at least for me. Such a waste since the program that had such good beginnings. Maybe some day they will make an effort to fix it. Uninstalled!! Davey..Win XP/SP3
  3. Yep I gave up on Immunet a long time ago. Great support when the Palo Alto folks were in-charge..now nothing. Great software initially. I stop in once in a while to see how things are progressing. David
  4. Same problem! Still disk hashing after quick scan? Uninstalled..program totally unusable at least for me. Can't seem to get any interest in the problem and I don't understand why others are not having the problem. Win XP Pro. Uninstalled. Thanks. Davey
  5. Yes, kinda sad, I have been using Immunet Plus for over a year, was on the ground floor with the Palo Alto folks. Always worked great..before they added ClamAV..etc. Support has emailed me privately concerned about the problem. Now using Panda Cloud Pro AV..works great all day..everyday. Thanks. Dave
  6. No, ran the flash scan with ClamAV off, Tetra on, also tried with both off! Installed it again this PM with the same results? Yes the scan ran very quickly less than a minute. But agent.exe ran continously after that..I don't how long..you can't stop the process..only way out is to uninstall the program or reboot. Maybe eventually it would stop waited 15 minutes or so. This the same problem that has been reported for the last few revisions..and continues today. Win XP Pro SP3..PC is a P4 3ghz. Thanks all. Dave
  7. Hi, New version still has the disk hashing issue after a flash scan? Sorry not going to renew. Dave
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