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  1. for all with a similiar problem, here is the only solution to get rid of the complete immunet folder. later you have to delete the gigantic amount of registry blow ups manual, no reg cleaner will do this. after deleting the complete folder, all reg cleaner found not one reg entry left...so much for these reg cleaners. 1. run any kind of of a linux live cd 2. mount the drive 3. delete the whole folder 4. reboot to your origin system, clean the registry. 5. wait till there is a decent uninstall tool given by the creators, who can solve these things, it will happen again. Update After the first try's to delete registry keys, undeletable! all of immunets registry keys are not to delete! i searched then on the system drive for immunets..found in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local, in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\NPGKDWG6......and a few other other empty folders....not! to! delete! as well. for me it looks like that the programmer of this tool invested more time in making his "creation" undeletable", then in any other part. a statement from the creators about this all would be not bad! Last Update: After all unsuccessful tries to get rid of the locked reg-keys from immunet, and beeing again and again..surprised of even very strange "ghostlike renaming strings"to appdata/appdata/appdata/appdata... from above program, i gave one of the hardest registry cleaners a chance. RegVac! i never used regvac often, because this regcleaner really goes to work. if you use him, be patient, he needs time.
  2. Sorry, but what kind of advise is this? Here the facts: deleting manual registry entries: not possible! all kind of uninstallers, revo, your uninstaller, uninstall tool, etc...simply stopping after calling your own uninstaller..you should know that! installing new, not possible! even unlockers dont work! i simply have to format now, cause this immunet mess up everything! i wanted to get rid of it, cause of the immense and annoying false alarms, like by pixa, a clone open source messenger..even AVG temps was suspicious for this thing... in all of my years of coding, programing and computering i saw only one other bad software like this. the early years of this folder lock program years ago! for your information: the behavior of this impossible uninstalling ins very well known by Chip.de germany. thank you very much for spending hours to delete this program and messing up my computer. sorry for all that, i know you invest a lot time in this , but your coders and programmers did not make their homeworks!
  3. this "masterpiece" of whatever, called immunet simply deny every kind of uninstall! never saw thuch a astonishing behavior of a program, and i tried everything. and i not even speak from the immense amount of false positives, really bad piece of programming. i deny to believe that not hundreds or even thousands of users faced or still face..the same problem. this denying of uninstallation is very well known out of the beta times of this, ahemmm, program! i believe further, that each negative post like mine will be deleted from the bad guys here. shame on the creators of this programs!
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