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  1. Now from time to time comes the "agent.exe" process using up to 99% of cpu, causing pc hangs. I uninstalled Immunet, as I need good performance at all times.
  2. Reading from the update.log I guess it's this issue "WARNING: cannot write to pipe (232)". I used the Immunet Protect Fix Tool. Cleaned History, Emptied Quarantine, deleted TETRA (i have the free version), Cleaned Avast Temp and for now it seems that it's ok. Still don't know what caused the problem. update.txt
  3. Using the Immunet on WinXP. The freshclam.exe process keeps on consuming my cpu resources for very long periods of time. Actually until I shut my pc down. Tried to find any solution to my problem googling, but found none. Any ideas?
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