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  1. Well the service is set to automatic, but it still does not start giving error 1067. I dont want to update Internet Explorer coz it gives lot of problem. I use other browser like firefox and Opera. By the way, why should Immunet be dependent on IE upgrade.
  2. After restarting agent.exe thru services (Immunet), it stops after few minutes, now I get error 1067. Btw I have IE6, coz I use Opera for browsing. Cant understand why am I getting error 1067.
  3. Thanks for your help. Agent.exe was not running in process (task manager), so had to go to services and start it (Immunet) manually. The scan now is now enabled.
  4. The scan now button on Immunet is disable, with a message that Immunet protect is not running, restart the service and retry. I did restart but the scan now is still disabled. Please help.
  5. This is microsoft cloud known as Cloud Power now available in India
  6. Today I installed panda anti rootkit, which will work alongside Immunet as Immunet does not provide rootkit protection in free version. The panda anti rootkit is a very small file which can be downloaded from here. Panda anti-rootkit. Just thought of sharing this as it might be useful to other users of Immunet.
  7. Thanks Bellgamin & Sweidre for sharing your experience. Both the software suggested by you'll are paid ones. I tried Kingsoft but didnt like its dominating nature on my system, so had to uninstall. Though I have Avira Antivir Desktop antivirus, but not using it coz it makes my pc slow. Guess I have to do with just Immunet right now and wait for some light but reliable cloud antivirus like immunet to make my system more secure.
  8. Should I try kingsoft cloud antivirus instead of Panda?
  9. Can I install Kingsoft and Immunet cloud antivirus together on my pc to enhance security against virus attack. I tried installing panda cloud but had to uninstall coz it deactivated immunet. If someone has tried this, please do share.
  10. Thanks again. As suggested I did install panda cloud antivirus, it installed properly but after restart my pc began to behave weirdly. Had to uninstall panda. Just one more query, since we share our pc on the cloud, is there any danger of our information being hacked. Rgds, falcon
  11. Thx Ritchie, I am already using anti-malware on my pc. Just one more thing, right now I do not have any anti virus on my pc as Avira makes my pc very slow, just depending on immunet to protect me from virus. How safe am I from any virus attack? Is it sufficient enough just to have Immunet working on pc.
  12. Sometimes right clicking on a folder to scan the same does not bring up the "Scan Now" window which shows number of files scanned and no virus found.
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