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  1. Thank you all for such speedy help. I run a LEGAL, VALIDATED OEM copy of Windows 7. The detector popup says in Quarantine activity mode in most entries, the popup box will say "file (deep in some usr/*/*/tmp) detected as [blank] then a period. It is therefore quarantining files that it cannot ascribe any virus signature to. No indication is given as to why Immunet quarantines it. On any given scan, it will detect 18-22 LARGE files from usr/temp directories and quarantine them. I haven't deleted anything in quarantine: half my OS and work files may be in there. Examined in Notepad when I go to c:\program files\Immunet\Quarantine, I have 251 files in there, taking up 260 megs. Quarantine display looks like this, see .jpg attachment. I'm afraid to turn these files loose again. I'm afraid to delete them. I'm even afraid to upgrade to the new 3.0.2 version. I'm also highly annoyed that I'm turning out to be a beta tester for these problems, when I paid for what I thought was well-working software. Now I am getting advice from a number of well-meaning people who are trying to help me, but their advice differs in every case. I respectfully decline to take the role of beta-tester to IMMUNET. I have explained the problem as well as I can, and included a screen-capture. I am an attorney and I bill my time at $200/hr. I wrote my first line of code in 1968 and have been General Counsel to many computer Mfr's as well as Internet startups. I have been working in the computer industry as a legal specialty since 1980. Please, let's get on the same page here. I can't waste the time needed to debug this disaster-in-the-making. Therefore I request Immunet corporate service only, please, not speculations that I am running illegal OS software. And no, I did not DL MSE from an M$ site, it's all an intact (I hope) OEM Win7 Home Premium install, with Updates turned on and a Comodo firewall stealthing my ports to unknown intruders and programs, both in- and out-bound. I'm 100% green on GRC.com's ShieldsUp! Service Port Scan. SYSTEM REPORT is attached as a .JPG file, as well as what my Quarantine dir looks like. And no, when I bring up any Q'd file to view, I get nothing helpful in Preview pane or by opening it with any other prog, or by changing the font from Chinese lettering. When forced to open in Wordpad in Western font, it looks like: !—(ŠãB"ù‰—O¹Òî&, ÉÙf_ƒ\ëߤ¢JCW¡&Qhbȳà%ï±+4Úüú¥>åèÊ×Ç z`4MâqH³¼håÛÔ>cWæUN€9à¢á}-q–8áuæÜ@IÑZý㹇³×S`Á(­”‚œ+Ü]7ãª<¸ etc. etc.. -- because of your encoding in Quarantine, I suppose. Basically I am unable to recognize the files this program quarantines- it does not say the file is infected with anything, that field is blank except in a few cases of known false positives... and I do not know what files I am losing to IMMUNET's faulty detection and false positives every scan. Good thing I sandboxed this prog. on this laptop first, before turning it loose on my main desktop PC and deleting it here on my wife's 2.2 Ghz, 4-Gig RAM laptop. Please consider this a request for a refund of my $20 paid for this copy, unless someone WITH THE IMMUNET COMPANY can (A) tell me what's wrong and (B)explain and remedy its behavior quickly. Otherwise I shall simply restore all quarantined files to their places and use competently-mfd. and configured AV software like Malwarebytes and Windows Security Essentials to keep me clean. I VERY rarely have viruses or ANY malware because I have 20 years of experience avoiding them on the Internet- and BOTH MS Security Ess. AND Malwarebytes report me clean on their DAILY full-system scans. IMMUNET is the odd man out - I have NO idea why it bit an unidentifiable 250-Meg chunk out of my OS and filesystem. Fair enough? I bought it because my ISP (which I co-founded) runs ClamAV on its servers and had good things to say about it- as a mail/website/ISP- bitsifter. It's not quarantining my Win Security signature updates, that prog reports they are installed just fine. Same with Malwarebyte' updates. Both AV progs report up-to-date correctly dated and sequentially numbered malware-update files INSTALLED. I have already wasted $600 of MY billable time trying to make it work. It looked good on paper, but I think it is destroying the integrity of this machine's OS and filesystem. Anthony, I am doing what you say re the Diagnostics tool run and output mailing to you, but I have little hope. Thank you for your consideration- Crash SR/mvc Attachments- 2 .jpgs
  2. I bought Immunet PLUS and cannot understand why the files in Quarantine are taking up almost 300 Meg now. Yes, I turned ON all protection and REMOVED most of the exclusions, because I want to detect all "malwares", as you call them. I don't mind the extra time to scan, I have a 3.3 GHz. dual-processor machine w/ 4 Gb. RAM. What, is EVERY ONE of my files infected somehow? Malwarebytes and MS Windows Security Essentials scans say I have NO problem- and I set them to scan the Immunet quarantine dir too! This is insane and I am disturbed to have paid MONEY for this ridiculous behavior. I can't even look at the quarantined files, as Immunet seems to have encoded them into some Chinese font! They're all code anyway... What's happening here? Have 300+-Meg of my files really been quarantined? Now I don't dare delete them! Because I do NOT know.... WHICH ONES ARE THEY? This looks to me like Immunet 3.0 is damaging my software. What's the explanation, please? And why, if 300 meg of my files have been quarantined at random, do all my progs(that I use weekly) still work well? Please tell me WHAT IS YOUR SOFTWARE DOING TO MY PROGRAMS AND DATA? Removing 300 megs from use and quarantining it is just crazy- especially when other respected antivir programs tell me I'm clean! And believe me, that Windows Security Essentials stops EVERYTHING that is malware at the door. Your software is just a VERY poorly documented puzzle to me. PC user since 1983, Internet user since the UNIX command line was only interface to the Net. Been using Internet since 1991. Thanks, Crashman
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