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  1. I have 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate, and the "winver" window doesn't say anything about 64 bit. If you go to Start, right click "Computer", select "Properties", under System it will say "System Type" and this will indicate 32 or 64 bit.
  2. Hi Sweidre, I have the plus then, according to the product key. I'll upgrade the version tonight, but that's part of what I was getting at in my first email, why doesn't Immunet inform you of new versions? It doesn't seem to update it's definitions on it's own, or apparently inform you of new versions. Thanks again, Mike
  3. RobT: is the version I have, and I'm not sure how to check whether I'm in Free or Plus mode. EDIT: Judging by the product comparisons, I have Plus (I assume, since I can schedule scans and that's only available in Plus) And thanks for the email address, sweidre, much appreciated.
  4. Is this the only available support, this and calling? I paid for the product, is email support not available? Also, whenever I open Immunet, I get a "Not Updated" yellow exclamation. I check for updates, it says its updated, but it still shows the yellow exclamation. Also, even when there are updates available, it doesn't seem to get them automatically. Is there a way to tell it to stay up to date? Thanks in advance, Mike
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