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  1. There are currently three known issues with Immuent 3.0 on Windows 8 Developer Preview. Tetra Engine Does Not Run on Windows 8 32bit: This behavior will cause a few issues when the Tetra engine is turned on: -When installed in Trial or Plus mode, a reboot will be required when installation is complete. -After rebooting you may receive notifications that a driver failed to load. -Rootkit scans will complete instantly and report 0 files scanned. As a workaround we recommend installing in Cloud mode, or turning off the Tetra Engine and Tetra Updates options if you have installed in Plus or Trial mode. Please note that Tetra will run on the 64bit version of Windows8 Developer Preview without any issues. Operating System Version: An operating system version check will block the Immunet 3.0 installation displaying the following error: "Immunet 3.0 can only be installed on computers with Windows XP (SP2 or greater), Windows Vista (SP1 or greater) or Windows 7." Users can click the Ok button on the dialog and continue with the installation. Program Compatibility Assistant: Running the Immunet 3.0 UI will cause a Program Compatibility Assistant dialog to be displayed, users can click on "Run the program without getting help" to run the Immunet 3.0 UI as normal. These issues will be resolved in the next release of Immunet 3.0.
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