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  1. It seems. In fact, doesn't recognize either 'credential' now. No response from Tech Support. I hate to abandon the account .. have a nice group in my community. There IS a procedure to change one's log in email address .. and I followed it exactly .. except it doesn't work. Dunno if it is that or the lack of support that is the most upsetting. Gonna send them something about it AGAIN .. and then if no reply .. I'm done. I hope everyone is having a terrific new year .. and will have peace and prosperity for years to come.
  2. I have a Free account for Immunet Protect. I recently changed its email address and I am 99% sure I did it right. Got the confirming email and everything. Now .. can't log in (not to this forum) to protection with EITHER email address .. and I have submitted a help desk ticket .. been about 24 hours and have heard nothing back from them. I even sent 'em a screenshot (attached below) except theirs showed the full email addresses. Not sure what to do except post here. Can anyone on the Immunet side help me get it straightened out? thanks in advance.
  3. I will completely agree that a UPS is a great idea especially in my situation where I am running 4 machines 24/7 .. 3 being laptops with the batteries removed. I never considered it because I assumed UPSses would be too pricey .. if I need 4 of them. That article enticed me to look into this .. they are not as expensive as I assumed. Learning curve? Hmmm, well, I have certainly learned a lot since venturing away from XP. I am pretty impressed with W7 .. both the 32-bit and the 64-bit. Both are fast, manage resources better, and the XP features within them are more advanced. Disk Cleanup, for example, cleans up a lot more than XP's. Then there are the features that do not exist with XP, such as disk imaging etc. A lot of things will not run on IE9-64 such as Roboform and Evernote Clipper and a few other things that don't come to mind this morning, but IE9-32 is the default on W7-64 (actually, W7 comes with IE8 to start with). MS says 'anything that runs W7 will be able to run W8', so it really was time to move off of XP. I also think anyone who wants to 'know their stuff' should devote ANY old machine to Linux (many good distros .. UBUNTU is a good starter choice). Wade right into it .. it is a very rewarding experience. An old machine .. a free OS, free Aps ... makes for something you can pound away on and not worry about really losing anything. The more you 'screw it up' and 'start over', ... the more you learn. By 'know their stuff', I don't mean to imply I am any 'Nixhead ... I spend more time in Linux forums looking for solutions and answers than I do actually using the box for anything in particular (except folding). But it is a lot of fun (unless you have a wife or girlfriend) and it beats throwing darts or whatever. It AMAZES me what you get out of Linux .... for free ... totally FREE.
  4. Heh .. yeah .. rootkit, tootkit, worm, scorpion ... I dunno .. but whatever it was was pretty uh .. whut ... awesome. Of course I have been thinking about it ... and am wondering something ... I am running a LOT of 'stuff' in the background: Immunet Panda Cloud MS Security Essentials Zemana Antilogger Webroot Secure Anywhere Beta (testing it for them) IOBIT Malware Fighter IOBIT Advanced System Care PRO Folding@Home Windows CPU client. plus all the other stuff that XP Home SP3 normally runs in the background (Windows Update etc). Also, this is a dual core AMD Athlon but running 32-bit XP with only 2GB of memory. Of all those, the two that took the most resources were FahCore_a4.exe and iexplore.exe. After doing the image restore, I checked resources and one was using 90% of CPU and a TON of memory and the other was hogging also. I checked Fahmon config and its default setting was to use 100% of the CPU. I bumped that down to 60-70% and machine IS running better (DUH). Sooooo, I am wondering if executing that installer was the straw that broke Bin Laden's Cadillac's back and as it tried to install Weather Bug, a bunch of things tried to scan it, resources maxed out, and the hurricane blew in. Besides lowering Fah cpu allocation I also changed a few things that ran automatically to run on demand .. and this machine is now running quite well. I suppose there WAS a log somewhere that would tell me some of what happened, but I would not know where/what is was or how to read it (probably) and besides, it is gone now .. .with the image restore I did. Yeah .. this one laptop XP, a new high end laptop W7 Pro on it, a new netbook W7 Basic on it, and an old ME desktop machine running Xubuntu Linux. You can also install Linux (Ubuntu distros) INSIDE Windows ... with what they call WUBI. It essentially doesn't create a LINUX partition but does a wrapper inside Windows ... and it all behaves like a DUAL BOOT, but without the partitioning. Soooo, with that on the XP and W7 Pro machine, in a sense I have two more LINUX machines (total of 3) .. if ya wanna look at it that way. I know it seems like I am some kind of 'pooter' geek, .. and MAYBE I am .. but I got WAY too comfortable with XP ... I skipped Vista, and when 7 came out, I felt I was way behind in my knowledge of OS's ... so with XP going off support REAL SOON, I decided to buy a new laptop .. though I really did not need one. I just felt in the dark about anything beyond XP. So I bought it and have been trying out 7 PRO ... lots of nuances ... face recognition, voice recognition/dictation, XP virtual machine, ... a lot of stuff that was new to me. I had MAGICJACK running on an OLD Dell running XP ... really old laptop. Worked great for MJ. Then, the CPU fan died and it was not worth fixing (more to the system than just a little fan .. some expensive/hard to get sensing h/w) ... so since MJ has to be running 24/7, I bought the netbook .. mostly just to host MJ .. but it is pretty cute. It will probably be my traveling machine. Sooo, now you know more than you ever wanted to. I am sorry this is so long.
  5. Yeah, ... all this is typical of a rootkit invasion. I will agree with that .. smells like rootkit to me too. After the image restore, everything seems OK .. at this time. You are right about Linux .. my two Linux boxes hum along problem free .. as long as I keep 'em updated with Update Manager. I have to keep some Windows machines running .. for things like my auto GPS updates (maps etc) and some other 'services' not available through Linux. Also, I bought two new computers recently .. and obviously paid for the W7s ... so I am going to use it (W7) .. not to mention, I need to 'know' W7 for my own satisfaction.
  6. Thanks to the backup, it really wasn't too much of a hassle. I was 'fully' recovered in about 45 minutes. Otherwise, it would have taken me .. oh 10+ hours to start from Dell Recovery CDs. I am more slammed by whatever caused this ... it was so sudden and the last thing I did was click on that installer I downloaded .. boom .. I sat there watching 'things happen' and then .. she came to a complete halt. I do NOT (now) think it had anything to do with the download. For all I know, that installer might give the option to not install the extra stuff and the triggered agent prevented it. I don't know. I got it from the author's website .. but it had a CNET logo on it. Then, like I said, I did all kinds of things with it except execute it again (after I recovered) and nothing showed it as malware. Either something was waiting for a type of executable or SOMETHING. I have no idea. This is why I posted this thread here .. to illustrate the importance of protection. By the way ..I got a DIFFERENT copy from CNET directly .. a different version (thanks to Rob). It is sitting on my desktop .. gun shy to run it ... HAH!! The End of the story is .. I am rebuilt .. no scanning detection .. of anything ... and am simply left to wonder.
  7. Thank you for all the cooperation. I submitted the file I downloaded to Symantec, Sophos, and McAfee. Just got this back from Sophos: Thank you for submitting the sample to our Sophos labs, they have concluded that WinFX Free video converter is not malware and ran the file and it checks our perfectly fine, this includes the ffmpeg H.264 encoder etc. However, It does include two toolbars (Weatherbug and ask.com toolbar) so those are flagging up as PUAs by other tools and believe those two are under application control. Regards, Nilesh Chauhan Sophos Technical Support So far .. nothing DESTRUCTIVE for that file I downloaded. I don't know what the heck hit my machine but it was brutal. I really (now) have no idea. I will get the converter from CNET, Rob. Thank you for your trouble.
  8. I am not really sure what happened. I downloaded some freeware ... sponsored by CNET. Pretty reliable .. supposedly. In fact, I got it from this website: http://www.geekydadsoftware.com/software/winfx-video-converter.html?gclid=CJWQjcDOrKsCFYiW7Qodek4BpQ So I saved it to my desktop and executed it ..... WinFXVideoConverterInstaller.exe I am not sure what all happened .. so many things and so fast, I am not sure. One thing that happened is some crapware known as WEATHER BUG installed with no control by me. Then various security s/w I have started going off like crazy. I sat there with my mouth open and then machine was completely locked up. Hit the button to shut down. Started back up in safe mode. Scheduled a boot chkdsk /f and rebooted. Hung at the Windows screen ( XP SP3 ). Hit the button again .. etc etc. Would only boot in safe mode .. hung in 'regular mode'. Grabbed a bootable rescue CD (UBCD4Win) and looked at C: drive. System32 folder was missing along with a bunch of other OS files/folders. Ran UNERASE from the Boot CD and TRIED to recover .. but there was just too much damage. Luckily, I had a DISK IMAGE backup that was not too old. Wrote that back onto the drive and all is back to normal. Here is the problem ... I am not sure it was the file I downloaded .. I don't know what it was .. but I have uploaded that file to VIRUSTOTAL and it passed except for TWO exceptions that it has adware in it. I have scanned the file with Immunet FREE (NO , Panda Cloud, MS Security Essentials, Webroot, IOBIT Malware Fighter .. and all of them scan it as safe. I am wondering if I had a virus from ELSEWHERE (undetected) that simply triggered when I clicked on that .exe file. I know this, .. I ain't clickin' on it again. Any comments as to what you think, or would do is appreciated in advance. I would really like to use the product.
  9. With the above working now .. what about these two files?: 09/10/2011 10:20 AM 2,081,792 historyex.db 09/10/2011 10:20 AM 1,048,576 historyex.db-journal Can I delete them the same way I delete history.db????????????
  10. "Hackers send fake terror alerts from NBC's Twitter" http://news.yahoo.com/hackers-send-fake-terror-alerts-nbcs-twitter-231906692.html not EVEN funny.
  11. "Hacker gets 6-year sentence for 'sextortion' case" http://news.yahoo.com/hacker-gets-6-sentence-sextortion-case-193550983.html "UK arrests 2 suspected computer hackers" http://news.yahoo.com/uk-arrests-2-suspected-computer-hackers-215004003.html Sweet.
  12. Product -> Settings -> Quarantine Settings either one set to ASK ME will result in a pop up also.
  13. There is certainly an undeniable merit to Immunet free ... it protects, ... and it is free. I don't know anything about Immunet +. I do not plan on ever paying for protection (due to the huge availability of free products). There is a difference between a complaint and a criticism. I think the criticisms I have for Immunet Free are valid. If Iummunet wants to take notice .. fine ... if not .... fine.
  14. I entirely agree. I have a feeling they will keep it .. in order to assume the advantages to them it provides .. BUT, they may take it out of the software client we use ... it will be invisible to us. The reason I think so is because it is buggy. MY COMMUNITY does not seem to be fully 'functional' If you invite someone to your community .. and they do not accept, it appears they stay in your PENDING forever. In fact, I have someone PENDING who has accepted. When I think about it .. the concept requires some OVERHEAD that I do not think exists .. and probably will never exist .. such as 'aging' invitations, .. or allowing us to UNinvite long term pendings. All that would take some software code that I don't think exists. Plus, it is misleading .. having a community or NOT does not increase/decrease your protection. The MY COMMUNITY .. as far as the customer is concerned, is NONserving. It does serve IMMUNET CLOUD .. because it is conceived to INVITE non Immunet users to use it and thereby join the cloud. Of course that benefits every one ... but I would not THINK of inviting everyone in my Gmail contact list ... because of the dozens that may not comply will be stuck in my PENDING list .. and I can't get 'em out. The MY COMMUNITY needs to be either vastly improved ... or removed from the client .. it does them no good .. it is buggy, and it is useless (to the client). Perhaps. I think there are better ways to foster communication. I think there are better ways to 'recruit' new users. I think the My Community is poorly implemented ... and now that I realize there is no direct advantage to it (to me), it is no longer important that I 'use' it.
  15. I have recently been informed by a certain Immunet employee (via PM), the following information on "My Community" So .. if I understand it, a person with no one in their 'community' and not in anyone else's 'community' is no less protected than anyone else .. at all. Put another way .. you are just as protected with dozens in your 'My Community' as you are with no one in your "My Community". Creating a 'robust' My Community does offer certain advantages .. but does not INCREASE your overall protection factor. As such, the PF indicator is very misleading .. in my opinion. The advantages that it offers is more given to Immunet than given to you ..
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