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  1. Hi Ritchie, passed along the suggestion to the leadership. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  2. Hi Lex, sorry to hear of your difficulties. To fix the false positives. Can you send me the support diagnostic log. Email it to support@immunet.com Start --> All Programs --> Immunet 3.0 --> Support Diagnostic Tool It will create a .7z file on your desktop that is a log of all your Immunet activity and it should have the information needed to whitelist the false posititives. Stephen Sourcfire Immunet Support
  3. Hi Donna, Could you go to Start --> All Programs --> Immunet 3.0 -->Support Diagnostic Tool This will create a .7z file on your desktop which is a log of all Immunet activity. Could you email support@immunet.com this file. It will give me the info needed to whitelist the file if necessary. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  4. We have tested the version of Outlook Express you are running and the file OEMIG50.exe does not show up as malicious for us. Give it a scan on your computer again and let us know how it goes. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  5. Tested out the Philips Cam Suite and doesn't appear to be any false positive issues any more. Tested out the Avast tool and doesn't appear to be any false positive issues any more either. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  6. Hello, It is very rare but I have heard of this happening. Try the instructions below. Run the Uninstaller. Click no to the pop up question asking if you plan to use Immunet again. Make sure to reboot after it finishes. Try the installer below For 64bit Systems - http://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/protect-en-us- Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  7. Hi Christian, Looking at your support log Avast temp files are being convicted as malicious because you are missing the necessary exception. Your current Immunet version is 3.0.1 which seems to be missing the needed exception and has a known issue such as the Immunet Update Bug. Follow my instructions I sent by email for how to do a clean uninstall and reinstall and you will get version 3.0.4. It has the necessary exceptions and the Immunet Update Bug is fixed. Stephen
  8. Hi Christian, Could you tell me what version of Avast you're using and if you're using the free version or paid one. We will try to recreate the issue. Also could you email us your Support Diagnostic Log to support@immunet.com Start --> All Programs --> Immunet 3.0 --> Support Diagnostic Tool This will create a .7z file on your desktop that contains the Immunet logs. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  9. Hi Clayton can you email me (support at immunet.com) the Support Diagnostic Log. Start --> All Program --> Immunet 3.0 --> Support Diagnostic Tool It will create a .7z file on your desktop that contains all the Immunet log files. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  10. Sorry for the delay I had to shelve this one to work on higher priority tasks. I'll make it one of my priorities this week. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support.
  11. Passed along both suggestions. I'm sure the topic must come up for Sourcefire. If I hear anything concrete I will update the thread. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  12. With the iptray disabled if Immunet quarantines a false positive you will have no way of knowing that has happened. This would be another thing to keep in mind. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  13. I have passed the suggestion along to the to the leadership. Best I can do at this time due to 99% of team resources are going to finishing the Enterprise product. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support
  14. Based on the response we received from Ankit we are considering this issue closed. If the issue still happens send us the Support Diagnostic File. Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Support ______________________________________________ On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 11:04 AM, Immunet Support <support@immunet.com> wrote: Understood, if it happens again just have your employee email me the Support Diagnostic File and I can white list any false positive that is still coming up. Stephen On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Ankit wrote: Hi, Thanks for the reply. I received the initial issue from one of my employee and had forwarded it to you. I am happy to hear that the issue is resolved or if it is not occurring anymore. -- Thanks, Ankit
  15. Hi Ankit, As stated in my email to you... Could you email me the Support Diagnostic File Start --> All Programs --> Immunet 3.0 --> Support Diagnostic File It will create a .7Z file on your desktop that has all your Immunet related logs. I was able to install News Publisher and it did not come up malicious for me. The .exe file did not come up malicious as well, I'll need to check your logs to see what happened to you. Stephen
  16. Message received working on the long term fix. Stephen Sourcefire - Immunet Support
  17. Hi Bruce, As stated in my email to you. Could you send me your Immunet Support Diagnostic Log also to support@immunet.com Stephen Sourcefire Immunet Employee
  18. This file has been whitelisted in our system. It should not be caught as malicious any more. Let us know if it does. Stephen Sourcefire - Immunet Employee
  19. Hello Chipo, we received your Support Diagnostic File and we have sent you troubleshooting instructions. Even with your firewall setting changes we see all traffic is not reaching the cloud. Try out Immunet with the firewall disabled. This will help to eliminate or confirm the firewall as the cause. Stephen Sourcefire - Immunet Employee
  20. Hi gefox001 I am following up on unanswered forum posts. Could you email the Support Diagnostic File to support@immunet.com. I can check if those files being caught are malicious or not and whitelist them if necessary. Go to Start --> All Programs --> Immunet 3.0 --> Support Diagnostic File This will create a .7z file on your desktop. In the email reference this forum post http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?showtopic=1176 so we know which issue we are dealing with. Stephen Sourcefire - Immunet Employee
  21. Hello Chipo we are having difficulty finding the email from your Yahoo email with the Support Diagnostic File attached. Can you send the file again to support@immunet.com and we will check it out. Reference this forum post so we know whose issue we are dealing with. Stephen Immunet Employee
  22. We are working on this, I will reply back here once fixed. Stephen Sourcefire - Immunet Employee
  23. Hi Sweidre, Currently there are no plans to improve or change the functionality of My Community. My Community is also the source of a huge number of support calls and in order to reduce this negative an idea was thrown around My Community might be taken out of the product some day. Nothing has been decided though. Stephen Immunet Employee
  24. Hello Frank I apologize for the delay your August 13 email did not reach our inbox for an unknown reason and we are investigating why. I would very much like to resolve this mistake on our side. We left a message on your voicemail and sent you an email. Give us a call once you see this. I will try calling you again later today. We will be open until 5PM Mountain Standard Time. Where we are it is 2:42PM. Stephen Immunet Employee
  25. We are investigating. Thank you for the information you sent. Stephen Sourcefire - Immunet Support Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM (MST) Phone: 1-877-678-2096 Email: support@immunet.com
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