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  1. Hey, years later I'm responding; I had resolved most of the issues I asked about, when using ClamWin 0.96, but I've not looked into this for Immunet. This or something similar would probably still work for ClamWin. We're looking to move to Immunet or another light-weight solution, but we really want a centrally-managed option which would also be cross-platform (Win/Linux/OSX). I don't think Immunet has that, or not yet. Anyways, here's my Microsoft DOS batch script that resolves Post #1 in this thread:t basically makes the Windows directories, copies the schedule and other configs into place from a network location, installs a script that mounts another network share at bootup (this network share holds company-wide definition files and ClamWin output logs for everyone's scans) rem Batch file for MSWindows to install ClamWin rem (C) 2010, 2011, 2014 JThomas@Nerdery.com rem Make Clam config dirs on Windows mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\.clamwin\" rem Copy config and schedule files into place copy \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\ClamWin.conf "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\.clamwin\" copy \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\ScheduledScans "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\.clamwin\" rem Install script to mount network share at login copy \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\clam_mount.bat "%USERPROFILE%\start menu\programs\Startup" rem Install ClamWin 0.96.5 with NO ToolBar, Silent Install, and no reboot requested \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\clamwin-0.96.5-setup-nodb.exe sp- /silent /norestart /NOTB rem Copy the configs into place again to be sure they weren't overwritten copy \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\ClamWin.conf "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\.clamwin\" copy \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\ScheduledScans "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\.clamwin\" copy \\networkshare\bravoclam_0.96.5-Thursday-noon\clam_mount.bat "%USERPROFILE%\start menu\programs\Startup" rem Remove any current "M Drive" that may be set up net use m: /delete rem Set up the new M Drive for Clam definition files and location for resulting log files net use m: \\networkshare\clamav /USER:bravoclam skan123 rem Update a file to say this installation completed echo %USERNAME% >> m:/installed-0.96.txt rem pause
  2. Moderator or anyone, can you comment on this? Any news on a fix?
  3. Using the no-cost Immunet 3.0.2 with ClamAV, we've had a sudden increase in the CPU usage as well. Viewing the Process Explorer, this seems to be iptray.exe causing the issues...
  4. With ClamWin there are limits to the daily downloads of the definition files; is this also the case with ClamAV for Windows? If so, is there a way to change where the virus definition files are located? ClamWin allows the user to point to these files, which allows our main fileserver to get the AV definitions and the desktops to just copy the files from there. I'd like to do something similar if the limited downloads are enforced.
  5. I'd be interested in learning how to script the installation of ClamAV for Windows, specifically addressing: -Scripting with a MSWindows .bat batch file -NOT installing the Toolbar -Accepting the license -Installing onto the computer -Setting up a scheduled Full Scan -Setting up daily Flash Scans -Setting the config to NOT remove any files, just warn about them -Location of the scan report (to set up the computer (via scheduled task and another .bat file) to copy the weekly scan reports to a centralized server) Can anyone assist with these questions?
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