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  1. I keep finding that Immunet Plus is reporting that the "Sourcefire Agent Service" isn't running. The system is running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 with all patches applied. Microsoft Security Essentials 2.1.1116.0 is the primary antimalware product installed. This is a replacement PC that I just installed Immunet Plus on. The only thing that might be at all unusual about the system is that we have two users and switch between them regularly with Fast User Switching. Screenshot attached and I'll send along the dianostic tool output file.
  2. Virusbarrier doesn't actually run on the PC, it is just being backed up there by iTunes. Getting around this is not an issue for me, but I worry about the user community in general. I've been recommending people add Immunet on top of their existing AM product, but the false positive rate is high enough that I may have to drop that recommendation. On every PC I've installed it on Immunet has disabled some completely valid application. In all previous cases that was the result of ClamAV generating false positives. But in this case I have ClamAV disabled. Ideally Immunet will be changed to eliminate this false positive and reduce false positives overall.
  3. Virusbarrier is an IOS anti-malware product from Intego (I believe they also make a product for MACos). When iTunes takes a backup of my iPad Immunet is detecting com.intego.virusbarrierspring.zip as Exploit.HTML.Agent.AO. MSE doesn't have a problem with this file and it seems unlikely that it actually contains malware. Unfortunately it is 21MB so I can't submit it to any of the multi-engine virus check sites to see what other things think nor can I attach it here. Anyone else seeing this?
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