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  1. So yeah, Immunet downloaded over 26K files like these: "imm-74525" for no reason. I have mine ClamAV turned off. Cloud based AV? YEAH RIGHT.
  2. I sent diagnostic file to Immunet Support and still nothing about it...
  3. With sadness I had to remove Immunet because it's damn annoying that Immunet slows down my PC so much.
  4. It all started from this version - Agent.exe takes out from 50% to 95% of CPU time out of nowhere and on start 115MB of RAM. I don't have any scheduled scans or custom scans, nothing. And Agent.exe is hanging my PC without any particular reason. Whats going on?
  5. Serpher

    Immunet For 64Bits

    I didn't know that x64 exists. I think I had old version of the installer.
  6. Serpher

    Immunet For 64Bits

    Hi, I couldn't find similar topic so I made one (but I know that someone has talked about it). Anyway, Immunet for Windows x64 - is that possible? I'd really like to have that version. Regards, Serpher <img>
  7. I want to upgrade Immunet to 3.0 but during the installation error pops out: "Failed to install runtime with error code 1618. Exiting Installer."
  8. Serpher

    Browser Protection

    Now that Opera has the extensions it would be better to do an extension instead of toolbar.
  9. I don't know what you've done, but now everything is ok. I couldn't login on my other Immunet account but now is ok. Thank you Millard.
  10. I'm experiencing some difficulties with singin to my community account. When I want to login, that message pops out: "An unknown error has occured". I typed my email and password correctly so what with that problem? BTW. Can I login with the same account email and password on multiple Immunet installations?
  11. Yep, I misunderstood you. So you're saying that you have had an access to plus features? How? I have only basic features. Maybe in the installation of Immunet you must choose Plus instead of Basic.
  12. You still can't connect to Immunet network? If Immunet service is already "Automatic", then maybe firewall is blocking?
  13. Close agent.exe. Menu Start > Run > services.msc > Immunet Protect > Properties > Run type (?) > choose "Automatic" instead of "System" That's all I think.
  14. I think I know whats going on. You need to change Immunet service to "Automatic" instead of "System".
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