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  1. Hi Alfred, Yes, I have the Tetra engine enabled, but I was not online when the scan was running. After about 1 hour I actually did think about that when I noticed how slowly the scan was running and I turned MSE realtime off. It made no difference, it continued at the same pace. I have the CLAM engine disabled. Just an added note incase we end up getting into this all over again .... .and here it is straight from the horses mouth - well Millard's anyway because Al is away for a couple of days. "Plus is compatible with most other AV products, but because it is a full AV product itself, it is meant as a replacement. That being said, it should not cause any interoperability issues. I've not heard of anyone having problems with running Immunet Protect Plus with MSE's real-time protection enabled. The only reason I've heard of people disabling MSE is to squeeze more performance out of their system. --Millard" So there you go. Designed to work on its own but keep 'em both if you want
  2. I have the Plus version. I upgraded when the new version notification appeared the other day. No problems with th upgrade, it went quite smoothly. The scan history reset to 'never scanned', so I selected a full demand scan. It took 11 hours to scan 300K files and consumed 80%CPU. This is somewhat excessive, don't you think? My system was last defragged less than a month ago. Windows patches/fixes all up to date. Running MSE 2 in real time No USB connected devices during scan Have 4M RAM W7/32 No other applications opened during the scan Have demand scanner installed (none loaded at the time of the scan) Very few zip files (4 at most) Full scans in previous version took 1 hour or so ... very fast
  3. Congratulations to all the employees at Immunet for creating a product that has delivered a solid offering and has attracted a legacy player. You deserve the financial backing that this acquisition has brought you. Your success has not come without the support of this community. I would hope that you acknowledge that. We have played a small part in your success and I believe it has been very beneficial to you. I have the paid version on two systems and I also use the free version on XP. As a client I assume that the manner in which Immunet is delivered will not change much in the short term, however it is highly probable that it will change when your partner finalizes their marketing plan. No doubt the acquisition will address a larger client base. May I suggest you keep those of us on this side of the railway tracks informed, be it good news or bad.
  4. Hello Orlando, As suggested, I disabled Immunet (and MSE as an extra precaution) and reinstalled BufferZone. Same failure. It looks as though Immunet and BufferZone are not going to coexist on Vista for me. I have completely removed BufferZone now and restarted Immunet and MSE. All is running as it should be. As an alternative I looked into Sandboxie this morning and have downloaded and installed it succesfuly. It is working just fine with Immunet and MSE, so I am sticking with it. I think 5 installation tries with an app. is enough. Tnx for your help, it is always appreciated. BZone is now off my radar.
  5. I have Immunet installed on Vista/SP2. Had it for 1yr now and it works just fine. It is up-to-date. When I tried to install BufferZone Pro, Immunet shut down and could not reinstate. I got error messages from BufferZone Pro (2 corrupted files) during installation and it could not activate. I uninstalled BufferZone and rebooted. Immunet did no come back after the reboot I then cleaned the registry of any BufferZone entries and rebooted. Immunet would not reinstate, so I restored my Vista to my last backup and Immunet reinstated. Immunet is running as it should now. Yesterday I noticed that another user on the BufferZone forum had a problem with with Bitdefender, however the moderator stated that BZ has no known issues with Bitdefender. NB: I did re-download a fresh copy of the BZ app from their website and retried the install (same errors) and Immunet got busted again.
  6. I have SpyShelter Personal Free and Immunet has quarantined the exe file. Would you please look into this. Tnx
  7. Thanks Alfred. I will not uninstall/reinstall. Good news though on the next drop. Tnx for the info.
  8. Maybe I should uninstall Immunet Plus and start over. I have had problems with "SCANNING' before, but not the flash scan. Today I started a Flash Scan and it started running then it just stopped ... I was still connected to the internet (yes I checked that). I waited 30 minutes and it did not continue. I understand that you are coming out with a new version soon. Will SCAN issues be addressed in the new version? Do not waste time on my issue if you are already aware that problems exist with SCAN and you have addressed them in the next version. Let's just get on with it. If this is not the case, I will uninstall and reinstall (maybe a clean slate is what is needed here!). I have included a screen shot ...
  9. emmjay

    Solutions Section

    Yes I think closing the thread is appropriate. It clears the 'Open Section'. Users can see the solution and implement it if they wish to do so.
  10. emmjay

    Solutions Section

    Hoping this forum app. will support this function ... You guys are really good at responding quickly to problems/issues/concerns and it would be nice to see a ticky mark alongside an answered (as in final answer/solution accepted) post. If this is not possible how about the post be moved to a 'Solutions Accepted or Answers Accepted' section. On other forums I like to search on answered posts first to see how things are progressing. It is also a great place to see if the issue you have has already been addressed and that the poster is satisfied with the solution. This helps with solutions found through PMs that we never hear about.
  11. I will do as you instructed, however, please be aware that my original problem was with a DEMAND SCAN not a scheduled scan. You did not address this. The GUI still indicates that the demand scan did not happen.
  12. I have a weekly scan setup. Sunday. It Appears that it is not being recognized. I have followed your instructions but it is not working. Looking forward to hearing from you as to what I should do next. I am getting a bit skeptical about your product ... help me!
  13. This happened to me too (today, July 5, 16:40). It is the Chrome Updater.
  14. OK, I followed the instructions ... it has been sent.
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