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  1. Start - run - services.exe gives absolutely no result, the search just doesnt start. I have Windows Vista Home Basic. And I downloaded the PRO Trial
  2. Tried to do but receive information: System error 5 occured Access denied I am administrator in my computer (I have only one user account in my computer and this is me myself. Somehow it still managed to show me in run window that C\users\ my name.... So he didnt show me that I am administrator. When I checked from control panel users - I am logging always in as administrator... What to do next?
  3. Thank you for your quick answer! I will try to do as suggested. I have IE 8.06
  4. Hi! I have now twice tried to download Immunet and both times I face the same problem. When opening Immunet, the program window runs far to right side of screen and is totally blank (white). So I am not able to use any command or run any scan or to register myself to the community as the Immunet window is just blank. During the installation I amde everything like suggested in video. My browser is IE, operating program is Windows Vista Home Basic and SP2. Computer is HP netbook. I searched the forum but couldnt find any topic with same problem as I face now. What could be wrong? Thanks for any suggestions and solutions to this problem.
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