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  1. Informative post, thanks for sharing your set up Ritchie. Sounds very impressive. I always relied on just Microsoft Security Essentials and Immunet. Haven't had any problems (that I know of) since I started using Immunet.
  2. Thanks, I've always liked it and used it, but sometimes wonder whether or not I need it. So it is nice to see a 'plug' for it from Ritchie. Makes me have confidence in it.
  3. Thank you ritchie. It makes sense. I've partitioned my hard drive, and have linux on it. Also, I also have virtualbox on each partition, each with its on running virtual machine OS. So in essence, I now have 4 different OSes on my hard drive (if you count the virtual machines). I suspected that the longer scan times were due to this. I also have the factory image on it. Before, I had done a custom install and didn't have the factory image, but recently I restored my computer back to factory setttings, and re-installed Windows 7, but this time left the factory image on the hard drive. Before it was just Windows 7. So all these things probably go into why my full systems scans have doubled in time. I am not really able to tell if a Immunet 3.0 full system scans includes the whole hard drive -- the windows ntfs partition, as well as the linux partition, and the factory. If not, the longer scan times, might just be due to the Virtual Machine OS I have installed in VirtualBox on the Windows 7 partition. Thanks again, jj.
  4. Does a full system scan normally take several hours? When I used to perform a full system scan if would take around 45 minutes, but now it takes nearly 2-3 hours on the same pc. There have been no significant changes on my pc.
  5. me too!! please pm if i can add anybody. my protection factor is only 10. thx, jj
  6. Thanks!! I didn't think so, but just wanted to check with community. Cheers.
  7. any known issues with immunet interfering with voip? i have blast with xfinity -- speeds up to 25 mbps (or 30), yet my consistency interferes my VOIP. I think I need a new modem, but I wanted to check if there were any known issues with immunet and voip. thanks.
  8. i not part of any social networks, and i'm not able to get anybody i know to use immunet. the only people in my immunet community are just a few who accepted my invitation when i registered and started using immunet free. thus, my protection factor is "zero." my questions is, even though i have a "protection factor zero," do i still get the benefit of using immunet? or is there no point in using immunet if protections factor is zero.
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