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  1. I am of the mindset that it is time to lay Immunet v3 to rest. Let's face it, v3 is crapware. I would not recommend this software to my worst enemy. This forum and the software are becoming a joke in any serious consideration of security applications.
  2. Well, dallass7. I was simply making an observation. However you can take your smug attitude and shove bro.
  3. I was dubious at best when I read that Sourcefire had acquired Immunet. I was not happy when I upgraded to 3.0 and found that Clam AV had been cobbled onto the program. I have really tried to like the program since 3.0 (I really, really have). However, I am afraid That Sourcefire has taken a very good program and a great concept and turned what had very high potential into something less to be desired.
  4. I have used this product and it appears to be a simple on-demand scanner. After playing around with it for several days I removed it. It had no adverse effects on my system, but it seemed primative and after I had become bored with it I no longer had a use for it.(just curious).
  5. I have been using Immunet Plus , however I also am of the mind set that Immunet free is a top of the line product.(that's why I choose to go with the plus version). I also have MSE which replaced Kaspersky on both of my machines, and I might add that my current sub. to KIS ran untill 11/2011. Both machines currently using this combo operate very well.
  6. I installed SP1 as of 2-23-11, boot time seems unchanged, everything seems to be functioning as normal. The only problem that I encountered was was a very long download time, but I would have say that this was due to server overlode.
  7. That is a very interesting suggestion, and as a coincidence I had been wondering the same myself. It would seem to be a very good addition to the plus version.
  8. Thank's for the tip on this free utility. I downloaded and installed this today, and you may have a winner here. This does seem to work.
  9. I am using Windows 7 32bit: Realtime protection; Microsoft security essentials, Immunet 2.0 Plus, and Windows firewall. On demand; Malwarebytes Pro, Webroot Spysweeper, and ASO System Protector. I am thinking about taking ClearCloud DNS for a spin as well. I had been using KIS2010&2011, however I was never happy with the system slowdown. Using MSE and IMP 2.0 Plus combined runs excellent together.
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