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  1. Hello. FYI, the issue is still present. spywar
  2. Thanks, Is the number of users stats corresponding to ACTIVE users ? or only number of installations ? Just out of curiosity, to make sure... Cheers, spy
  3. Excellent ! BTW it seems like there is a problem with the main website http://www.immunet.com/main/index.html "The Immunet® Community has more than 2,285,427 members protected from 33,435,925 threats." Are these stats correctly updated ? I don't have currently Immunet installed on my system, ritchie could you check out how many you have on your Immunet ? Cheers, spy
  4. Can we now maybe what is to come for future versions ?
  5. That's great ! I remember when there was only few thousands ^^ Now close to 3 M.
  6. OK thank you. How many users currently ? (active users). I don't have the app so cannot check stats. Plus the website seems not to update the stats.
  7. Hi, What is going on with the development of Immunet ? Is a version 4.0 planned for a possible BETA ? spywar
  8. Hi minty . If you have chosen french language it install you the immunet 2.0.17 . Im French but i have to choose English language to have the 3.0. I think the translations hasn't been updated since the 3.0
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