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  1. Hi Ritchie, FileHippo has just an FF8.01 (final,not Beta), that maybe you can install upon your bad FF8! If you have "a backup" it might be worth a try! http://www.filehippo.com/download_firefox/ Cheers, sweidre PS. I have gone back to FF7.01 (Swedish) in order to have VTzilla adds-on working..DS
  2. Hi Ritchie, I think you can live with having "Welcome to Firefox page" loading togethet with "Your home page", as it is just to close "Welcome to Firefox page". But "The add-on compatibility check" must be annoying to have at every startup! FileHippo has a FF9.0 Beta1 for downloading. Provided, that you have a fresh backup of your c-drive, it might be worth a try to download & install right over your FF8! My update from my Swedish FF7.01 was not normal neither, because when I checked "About" and clicked manually for updates, I got the message that I had the latest version. Then I checked with FileHippo, that had an FF8 (final English version) for downloding. I had a fresh "ghost" of my c-drive, so I dared to have it downloaded and installed right upon FF7.01. The install was without problems (OK VTzilla does not work with FF8) and all the settings remained. FF7.01 had a mixture of Swedish & English, especially the extensions were badly translated to Swedish. So I now prefer FF8 with 100% English only. Now I know, that I have earlier used the word "extension", but FF8 has now taught me, that the word should be "adds-on". The next OS & softwares will be in English only, because if I visit any forum or use any tweak page, the language will be English for sure. In my mind, there is no sense to translate softwares, because the young generation over the world can manage English very well (provided, that their mother tounge is spelt with the Latin alphabet. Only the French are too proud to use English!) Those who have non-latin characters (cyrillic, arabic, or Asian alphabets) have also some alphabethic obstacle to learn English. Translations should in my mind be necessary for those with strange alphabets only. Cheers, sweidre
  3. Hi Ritchie, FF8.0 I have also upgraded to FF8.0, but it startups with my normal homepage(s)! (Getting Started screen I only got once at the first time when upgrading from FF7.01). Have you got thru Tools -> Options to see if your startpage has been changed?! (Maybe you accepted Getting Started page as your startpage when upgrading?!). There is an add-on called Session Manager, where you can save sessions with their tabs! Personally, I have not seemed any improvements from FF7.01 to FF8.0, on the contrary: the important VTZilla adds-on in not working! I miss the right-click VT check of links! Only WOT works! I have seen an article saying, that Mozilla is reducing the number of adds-ons from 3rd parties by security reason. That makes sense, but then Mozilla must by its own develop more security adds-ons! Google Chrome 15.0.874.120 Google Chrome has really improved with many more security adds-ons ( by 3rd parties) for checking links when surfing: WOT, VTChromizer for right-clicking a link, McAfee advisor, and CallingID Link Advisor. So I am happy when surfing in dangerous waters! Most of the adds-ons have improved closer to the status of the adds-ons by FF. Disadvantages with Chrome: 1. The upgrade of the adds-on came without any forewarning, so suddenly one day all the adds-ons were gone! I had to install them again from scratch! 2. Many of the adds-on of Chrome have changed names (Confusing!) 2. No adds-on as FEBE of FF for saving all settings & adds-ons! 3. No adds-on as OldPlainFavorites of FF in sync with IE Favorites! Chrome has only its bookmarks, that can be exported & imported to/from IE as a whole! No sync! So, I have to continue upgrading both FF & Chrome to keep informed of the development! Slimbrowser on the IE platform is still my default browser (not by security reason but by simplicity and speed!). Chrome Plus I will soon uninstall, because it has become more "social" with Facebook, Twitter etc. (Sites I ban by principle!) Cheers, sweidre
  4. Hi Ritchie, Now, you are putting another strange statement! I have not visited any sites where password were required besites forums (Immunet, IObit etc.) and my banks of course. Regarding banks I am not using any password at all. The major banks have issued a personal gadget (like a mini calculator) to each client, so when I am logging in with my Swedish civic number, I will be provided with a long number to enter into my gadget, press a button to have the nunber converted into a "random" long number, that I have to enter at the bank and I am then logged into my account pages. Other banks & authorities require a BankID, a minor software installed in my computer. To login to my own accounts I open the software and have to enter a password (valid for less than one year). Twitter & Facebook I never face when surfing on the net. Two reasons: 1.) Twitter & Facebook etc. are in my HOSTS file, leading nasty sites to my localhost 2.) I have OpenDNS installed in my computer and configured so that all the so called "social" sites (Twitter, Facebook etc) will never be visited. I have never asked for membership into these dangerous sites, and I never will! Ghostery is only a supplement to my many security softwares. (The majority of my softwares are security softwares!) I never get any malwares in my Win 7, only FPs from Immunet & Emsisoft Anti-Malware. By the way, I think that it was months ago, when I got FPs from Immunet. I now think that Immunet has really fixed its detection engines. Cheers, sweidre
  5. Hi Ritchie, What do you mean by a "barrel roll"? I did a normal Google search http://www.google.se/ with no problem at all. Then I tried with http://www.google.com/ but automatically the text in the address bar turned into http://www.google.se/ (where .se stands for Sweden). But I can do an international search using http://www.google.se/ and select wanted languages and so on. Cheers, sweidre
  6. Ghostery I have as an extension in my FF7.01. It really works fine! I am using Google Chrome as well, but many of its extensions are similar to the extensions of those of FF, but not so well developed as those in FF! (There is one exception though: Extension Click&Clean 7.7 in Chrome is more developed than Click& Clean v.3 in FF: No rule without exception!) Cheers, sweidre
  7. Hi Arash, I do not have Firefox as my default webbrowser yet, but I hope that it will. I have FF v.7.01 and I have three FF cookie extensions installed: 1. Better Privacy (as Ritchie has) Its a must have for your security, if you use Flash! 2. Cookie Manager Button 1.0.16 ( gives a list of all cookies in your computer. You can delete all, or select only a few and keep the rest) 3. CookieSafe (it is a software with many options to choose between. I have not used all features yet) How to install cookie extensions? I have a Swedish version of FF7.01, so now I hope, that my translation into English will be approximately correct for you: In the menu bar on top, if you placed it in top, to the left of "Help" you will find a word called "Tool" or similar. By clicking on "Tools" you will get a curtain menu. As the second option on that curtain you will find a word "Extensions" or "Add-ons" or similar. Click on "Extensions" and you will get a window (webpage) with a few options to the left. Of these click on the first option on top called ( I guess) "Fetch Extensions" or "Download Extensions" or similar. Then you will get a webpage with all Extensions available. They are a lot, so in the upper right corner is a search box. Write the word "cookie" (without (") -signs). Click on the button to the right of the search field and you will get a long list with cookie extensions . I have just received 63 results, but note, many of them are not valid for your version of Firefox. You can click on the "Install" button on the right side, but preferably click on the name of the particular extension to get a new window (webpage) of this extension with text explanation and screen shots to illustrate this cookie extension. Finally you can read all user comments about the extension. If you want to test this extension click on "Install"- button in the bottom right corner. If you are not satisfied with this extension you may uninstall it and test the next cookie extension from the list and so on. This procedure will take some time, of course, but it is important that you choose a cookie extension or extensions, that you will be satisfied with! Good Luck from sweidre
  8. Hi HiltonT, I am only an ordinary member of this forum. I know, that Immunet has now an Enterprise version in Beta stage. If you want to get in tough with Alfred you have three options: 1. PM (personal message) to Alfred. In the upper right corner you'll find a search box. By using the curtain menu, select "Members" instead of the default option "Forums". In the search field type one of these names: Al or Alfred. Then you will get to the profile page of Alfred. Being on his Profile page, select the option: "Send a message". Selecting this option you'll have a window to send a PM (personal message) to him (Alfred). When he has logged in to this forum, your PM will immediately popup on his screen. He can answer you on that PM, and you can easily continue this communication using this PM thread. 2. Sending an email to support@immunet.com . Write that this email shall be forwared to Alfred (unfortunately I do not know his private email address!). 3. Wait for an answer by Alfred on this forum thread. (I know, that Alfred is not attending to this forum so often as before due to heavy workload) Cheers, sweidre
  9. Congratulation Ritchie, I am not using Comodo, but I hope, that the new version of CIS will work properly for you! To get an update of a Security Suite is a major thing, I know: It can be a great improvement, but it can also be big disappointment! I can only hope for the best, that the new CIS will be compaible with all the other softwares you have installed! Good Luck! from sweidre
  10. Hi, Trojan Hunter (software by Misec) is a not malicious keylogger ( = false positive ) Just for info! Some good Anti-Malware softwares are using Keyloggers to fight Keylogger Trojans. Long time ago, when I used Win XP my software Emsisoft Anti-Malware (then called "a2square") reported the software Trojan Hunter (developed by Misec) as a malware (keylogger). I reported this in an email to the supplier Misec and I received an answer back from Misec like this: "Correct, Trojan Hunter is a keylogger. We have to let Trojan Hunter to act as a keylogger to recognize and eliminate malicious keylogger trojans. But do not worry, Trojan Hunter is not using its keylogger feature in a malicious way, but we must fight some malwares by using their own methods". So we can say, that some keyloggers might be False Positives! (Personally, I am not using Trojan Hunter any longer, because I have better Anti-Malware softwares today in my Win 7 64-bit computer! Cheers, sweidre
  11. Hi peemperflomp, It seems to be very few members visiting this forum this weekend. Here in the northern part of Europe, weather has been very nice and I think very few members have been sitting by the computer. Probably most Europeans have spent the weekend outdoors with wife & kids! Here in western Europe time is now 6:00 PM (Sunday) and the sun has already set, so I doubt, that any Europeans will visit this forum today. Let's see if any Americans or Canadians are intending to visit this forum! (I think, that in US it is still a Sunday in daylight.) If the weather is nice also on the American continent, I doubt that many will visit this forum during a Sunday. Then you must wait until Monday to get help. If the problem is urgent for you, you might already now send an email to support@immunet.com, but the reply you will not get before 9 AM - 5 PM workdays (US Mountain Time). Cheers & Good Luck, sweidre in Sweden PS. If you intend to send an email to support@immunet.com , you might add this link to your email: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1408-cant-uninstall-immunet-30/ This link is leading to your post above! DS
  12. Hi again, My opinion is the following regarding a unknown keylogger: 1. The keylogger should be reported as a malware to Immunet cloud database (to be on the safe side) 2. Jamie might in his computer put the keylogger on the exclusion list of his Immunet software (provided, that he has full confidence in his keylogger. Jamie bear the risk himself to 100%) Next step is to send the keylogger as a compressed zip- or 7z-file as an attachment in an email to support@immunet.com for analysis. If the Immunet analysis gives the result, that the keylogger is a malware the measures will be as above: 1. The keylogger should be reported as a malware to Immunet cloud database (Immunet Laboratory will automatically take this measure) 2. Jamie might in his computer put the keylogger on the exclusion list of his Immunet software (provided, that he has full confidence in his keylogger. Jamie bear the risk himself to 100%) If the analysis gives the result, that the keylogger is a false positive the following measures will be taken: 1. The keylogger should be reported as a false positive to Immunet cloud database (Immunet Laboratory will automatically take this measure) 2. Jamie does not have to have his keylogger on the exclusion list any longer, because all Immunet scans will now accept the keylogger as benign (= false positive) As I know, that the Immunet routines of malware/false positive have changed (at least regarding the email report address to Immunet), I prefer that an Immunet admin will confirm that the routine is now as described above. Then I want to get a message by an Immunet admin, if a keylogger can contaminate other computers thru "My Community" or thru the cloud database. (I want to have a reply regarding this, because I take keyloggers very seriously. A keylogger trojan in my computer might record to the outside owner of that trojan all my keystrokes regarding my bank visits (including my username, password, civic number and bank account number and all my bank transactions. Of course, the owner of the keylogger trojan can withdraw all my bank deposits! (Keyloggers and screenreaders are the worst trojans we can have in our computers! Period.) Cheers, sweidre PS. I will thank Jamie for highlighting this very important security/privacy issue! I think, that we too often regard quarantined files in our own computers as false positives! Previously Immunet reported too many false positives, so we all regarded all qurantined files as false positives. That is history now! The detection engines of Immunet have really improved, and false positives are nowadays very seldom reported! My credits to Immunet regarding this! DS
  13. Hi peemperflomp, Previously it was very simple to uninstall Immunet, but last week I saw, that a member of this forum had also a uninstall problem. I did not follow up how his uninstall issue was solved. Now it is a weekend, and the staff of Immunet is not working. During workdays between 9 AM - 5 PM (US Mountain Time) Immunet staff will work and at least one administrator or moderator will make a visit to this forum to see, if there are any problems arisen. I advise you to wait until Monday for a visit by an Immunet staff member. Maybe the uninstall.exe file is missing. If an uninstall.exe file is missing in a software for me, I normally install the software again right over the current version. This simple exercise will install the software again including the uninstall.exe file and then I can easily do a complete uninstall of the whole software. But I suggest, that you wait until Monday for qualified assistance. If nobody from Immunet will look into your post on Monday, you may write an email to support@immunet.com with a description of your problem. Cheers, sweidre PS. Note, that in this forum there are many ordinary members, who are very good at computing including the Immunet software. Just be patient for a while, you'll get assistance do not worry! You are in good and friendly hands! DS
  14. Hi, In this case, I think Immunet staff should look into this matter! If a person wants to have a key-logger installed is one thing, but the important thing is that this key-logger will not be spread to and infect others (eg. members is this forum). Nobody, but FBI, has the right to key-log others. We have to consider the security of the whole Immunet community, in fact! ( = almost 2 million users out there using the same cloud database!) Cheers, sweidre
  15. Hi, Immunet GUI window is not filling the screen but is always placed in the middle of the screen! How to move it to the top, bottom, left, right or to one of the four corners? Personally I want to move it to the right or left of the screen, so that I can open another software window at the other side at the same time. It is strange, that the Immunet GUI window is always placed in the middle of the screen, so that another window cannot be open at the same time! It is also strange, that the Immunet GUI window cannot be risized at all? Come on, we have other important softwares in our computers, not only Immunet! Please, explain & give advice how to solve this annoying issue! Cheers, sweidre
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