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0.) General: OS: Win 7 Pro x64 SP1 Swe version, RAM: 6 GB, HDs: 5 pcs Seagate SATA totalling 3.8 TB, USB Ports: type 3.0, Public Network: ADSL 6-10 Mbits/s () & 0.7-1.0 Mbits/s (), Virtual Private Network: AnonineVPN, Browsers (Trident): (IE9 x86, IE9 x64), Slimbrowser 5.01.039 x86, Browser (Gecko): Firefox 8.0 x86 (+VTzilla missing), Browsers (WebKit): Google Chrome15.0.274.120 x86 (+VTchromium & cloud-based BitDefender), ChromePlus1.6.3.1 x86, Extended Clipboard: Spartan MultiClipboard 4.01. x86, Filehandlers: WinExplorer x64, FreeCommander 2009.026 x86, Malware Analysis: VirusTotal Uploader 2.2.1 x86 (files & links) Email software: Windows Live Mail 15.4 x86,

1.) Resident Security Shields in System Tray (Online): Security Package: ESET Smart Security (Firewall+AV+Spamfilter) v., Cloud-based AV: Uninstalled: Immunet Protect x64 FREE Eng version with ClamAV disabled,Current: Immunet Protect x64 FREE Eng version, AntiMalwares: Emsisoft Anti-Malware Pro x86, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Pro x86, SuperAntispyware Pro 5.0.1134 x64, Spybot Tea-Timer 1.6.2 x86, WinPatrol Plus x64, CallingID LinkAdvisor x64, Spamfilter: Firetrust MailWasher Pro 6.5.4 x86, Web Filter: OpenDNSUpdater 2.2.1 FREE x86,

2.) Offline Security Softwares (On demand): Hitman Pro x64, Hostsman 3.2.73 x86, Process Hacker 2.8 x64, SpywareBlaster 4.4 x86, Spybot SD 1.6.2 x86, Win Defender 6.1.7600.16385 x64, Returnil System Safe 2011 3.2.10351-REL3 FREE x86, Sandboxie 3.54 x64, TaskCatcher Plus x86, Emsisoft MalAware1.0.0.4 x86, ZonedOut 3.5 x86

3.) Auto Security Backup of Disks: Norton Ghost 15.0.1 x86 (for systemdrive), GoodSync x64 (for datadrives)

4.) IObit Free Products: AdvancedSystemCare PRO 5 Beta3 x86, Toolbox 1.2 x86, FreeApps 1.4 x86, GameBooster 2.2 x86, SmartDefrag 2.2 x86 incl. at boot-time defrag!


My Email address for invitations to My Community only is: sweidre@gmail.com

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