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  1. Thanks a lot for your advices Sr. I am using immunet and previous av software for the Realtime thing. And immunet in particular because his light footprint.
  2. Free edition. You look a bit panic, a virus/trojan is not a big deal... its just a procces that can be manually killed. I dont download ilegal software.. at least not recently.. not pr0n.. and not bad webpages (i use browser srware iron in permament incognito mode with opendns filter protections). Also the modem has some aditional protections. I never store personal info on the computer or online, too risky even in more secure websites can be hacked. When i download a suspicius setup file, i use a sandbox program to install it. I just need a process manager and a connection manager, like curports and processhacker to know if something goes wrong. Maybe an antirootkit. But i have years without an infection, and my pc is all day connected every day. I just uninstall avast few days ago because is useless and huge... But also has the hide icon option. I like that option. The immunet tray icon is easily disabled from the startup programs also with right click on the tray icon kill the iptray process. The service agent.exe seems to have the task of protection from treaths. My original question was, iptray.exe which critical functions exactly may have. I dont need the community, clamav updates, notifications. I just need light protection in realtime against treaths.
  3. I dont have/(don´t knnow what it is) clamav engine enabled. I think is the offline signatures. So... I will take the risk. Is this or not to have any antivirus installed. I dont really need it. If i leave it hidden, another arrow appears on my tray indicating that there are more icons hidden, and also i want the minimal footprint posible and cpu usage and minimal startup delay windows posible. Thank You for your answer and for your great software.
  4. Probably the best feature for me. "Hide Tray Icon". I rarely get an infected file. Can i disable the tray icon forever? The agent.exe seems to do all the dirt work. So... what´s the complaint if i disable it from the autostart. I notice that i have no notifications if i disable the tray icon, but i dont need notifications neither. It is necesary to have that icon on the tray? for update purposes or other important things? (sorry about my poor spelling) Thank you.
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