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  1. Steven, Sweidre, Richy58, thanks for all the help. It's good that the suggestion has been passed along, and I thank you. Other blind and visually-impaired persons who may come upon your product and at least give it a try would greatly appreciate accessibility in the aspects of navigating and selecting options for the Immunet Protect products. Cheers.
  2. Hi, Sweidre. Thank for the reply. I haven't found any difficulties, but I may go in and put the cloud-based program of Immunet Protect into my exclusions. I saw the forum on the board about the blind-friendly version you want to help try to get implemented, although I haven't watched it, yet. It will certainly be interesting to see how it unfolds. You may be right, if there are more than one hidden link, NVDA will probably not work too well. Well, cheers, for now, and thanks again, for your help.
  3. Hi, Sweidre. Sorry I'm just now replying to you. I went ahead and put Security Essentials back in. I figured that would help. I though I might still have some protection from Immunet. As far as my screen reader goes, it doesn't matter whether the words are underlined or not. The screen reader does have settings for toggling the details of various fonts. It would be helpful if you would go into a forum and suggest more screen reader friendly functions of the Immunet product. The Immunet Protect was what I was talking about when I was mentioning the problems with pressing enter to click on a link. My screen reader doesn't seem to have a problem with links, but there are some objects that are "unknown. A lot of the time, I get that when a page is loading. Pictures aren't described either, unless I'm on a blind-friendly website, such as the one for my correspondence school. Then, the designer may have wrote the description, I'm not sure. I hope I have covered everything. I know I went into some detail, but I think I've answered all of your questions. It's almost 2:00 a.m here in Indiana, so I am going to have some sleep. Cheers, and thanks.
  4. Hi, Sweidre. In regards to your question about the highlihgting of words, and whether my screenreader will tell me to go toward an underlined word, no, that doesn't work. It is easier to use arrow keys, but this doesn't seem to work with the product. I can read things that way, but when I hit enter, in some cases, such as scheduling a scan, it doesn't seem to load that link. It is really difficult to use the mouse with a screen reader. I did get my verbos notifications on, but not my deep scan or email scan. For that matter, I haven't gotten my archive file scan on either. Fine business on getting sleep. Cheers, and thanks, again.
  5. Hi, Sweidre. Thank you for the help. My screen reader reads the text that is on screen and there is a voice output. It isn't the same as voice recogninition software. All sounds well on the instructions you have provided. I can't seem to get the scheduled scan to open up, however, I do find that line you're talking about. I'm sure that Security Essentials slows it down. With that, if I do a full scan, it takes upwards of a day to scan. I'm talking about 21 or 22 hours for one scan. I'll keep trying to figure out how to set the scans. As far as highlighting words and my screen reader, it depends on how I have it set. I can have my screen reader tell me whether a font is underlined, italic, etcetra. I generally keep it set on "some punctuation," because otherwise, it would take me forever to get the information I need. Tab keys can be used in navigating, and there are other various commands for documents, web surfing, etcetra.[quote name=sweidre' date='08 September 2011 - 04:27 PM' timestamp='1315513676' post='6905] Hi Kristy, Your Handicap How does NVDA work as screenreading software? Is the software reading the text and expressing it as a voice, that you can hear in your loudspeakers? Are you talking via a microphone, what the software should write down? Without seeing the cursor, how can you browse through all topics of the the forum and instruct the software where the text should be placed? Evidently you can manage it very well, but still I am really amazed! How can you click on the correct button, when you are not able to see it? Scheduling Scans in Immunet - Instructions Maybe you think, that I am too detailed now, but I have to consider your handicap! First you will click on the word Settings on the front window. You will then get a window called Setings with all ON and OFF buttons, that we wrote about before. Scroll down almost the whole page until you will find the expression: Scan Settings. About 2 inches to the right of the end of that expression, there is an arrow pointing downwards. Clicking on that arrow an area 3 inches high will open up below. Search for the expression: Scheduled Scan, and on the line just below is the expression: Add New Scheduled Scan. Click on the expression: Add New Sheduled Scan and under this expression 3 lines will open up. The first line starts with the word: every. Just to the right of the word: every, there is a field with an arrow to the right. Click on that arrow and you will see that the field contains three options vertically from the top: day, week, or month. We start by selecting the word: day. To the right of the word: day, is the word: at. To the right of the word: at, there is a field with an arrow to the right. By clicking on that arrow you will get a long vertical list showing hours: 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Let us select the hour: 9. Now only the hour: 9, is shown in this field. To the right of the hour: 9, there is a fixed sign: : (colon- sign). To the right of the colon -sign there is a field with a vertical list of four optional numbers of minutes: 00, 15, 30, and 45. Let us say, that you select: 15 minutes and now only the number of 15 minutes is shown in that field. Further to the right is a field with only two options: AM or PM. Let us select: PM, that will be shown only in the field. Now we have created the first line as follows: every day at 9:15 PM. Now we should jump to the line below (the 2nd line). Line 2 starts with the expression: do a, and to the right thereof is a field with three vertical options: Full Scan, Flash Scan, and Custom Scan. If you select: Full Scan, the whole computer will be scanned. (This will take several hours, if you have many disks with a lot of files!). If you select: Flash Scan, the scan will only take a couple of minuters, because: Flash Scan, only scans files currently in use. When: Full Scan or Flash Scan, is selected there will be more fields to fill in to the right of this line 2. Therefore we now select the worst case: Custom Scan, and we will just to the right find the word: of. To the right of the word: of, there is a long empty field. To the right of this empty field there is a button with the text: Browse. By clicking on the button: Browse, the long field to the left thereof is now filled with all your disks, that by clicking on the plus-signs will be expanded to a tree structure with all folders in every disk. Here we can select a single folder or a whole disk. As most vulnerable for malware is the systemdisk with Windows Operative System and all programs, we now select the whole systemdisk (normally the C- drive). The long field will then be filled with: C:\ (C plus colon plus backslash). The scan of the systemdrive takes for me 2.5 hours, it depends on how many files I have installed on this drive. (I have many security softwares!) Now the second line shows: do a Custom Scan of C:\. Now we will go to the third line, with only a button with the text: Create. Clicking on this button gives a popup window, that in this fresh version of Immunet does not have to be filled in with Username or Password, as in older versions. Just click on the butten: OK, in the bottom of the popup window. Now the first scheduled scan is created as a new line between the line: Scheuled Scan, and the line: Add New Scheduled Scan. The line is called: "Daily Scan: C:\ (9:15 PM). Further to the right of this line is an X between brackets: (X). If you click on this X, the whole line with the created scheduled scan will disappear. Second Scheduled Scan On line 1, we this time select after the word: every, the option: week, instead of the word: day. To the right of the word: week, is the word: on. To the right of the word: on, there is a curtain menu (field) with names of weekdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We select in this case: Sunday. To the right of the word: Sunday, we have the word: at, as in the first example for selecting hours and minutes. Line 2 should be filled in as in the first example. Clicking on button: Create, on the third line and on the button:OK, on the following popup window, will create a second schedule scan line below the first one. Third Scheduled Scan On line 1, we this time select after the word: every, the option: month, instead of word: day or word: week. To the right of the word: month, is the expression: on the. To the right of the expression: on the, there is a field with 5 options: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or Last. Next field shows vertical options of weekdays and the next field shows options for hours & minutes as earlier described. Line 2 as before, and finally click on the button: Create, and the button:OK, creates a third line for scheduled scan. For saving Settings click on the button: Apply, is needed prior to closing, but for scheduled scans the button: Apply, has not to be pressed, because scheduled scans are automatically saved upon creation of the scheduled scan lines. All the scheduled scans in the Immunet software will be added to /system32/tasksch.msc in Windows and can be thoroghly changed/edited there, if needed! Antivirus program Microsoft Security Essentials is a freeware developed by Microsoft and many users have been really satisfied with it. Unfortunately, it slows down your computer! Firewall Microsoft Firewall has not been so well accepted by many users. There are other freewares like ZoneAlarm or Comodo, but as far as I understand you are not complaining about Microsoft Firewall. (ZoneAlarm was good before but has desoriented!) Cheers, sweidre PS. How will your program read "- signs? Apostrophe- signs? I tried first apostrophe- signs to highlight words, but maybe special signs will confuse your reading software? DS PS2. In your heading of this topic, you are putting the question, how to use the keyboard to browse to the correct pages of Immunet, when you cannot use the cursor of the mouse! I hope, that an Immunet employee will answer this important problem for you! In the old times, only keyboards were used for navigating prior to the invention of the mouse and cursor! DS2
  6. Hi, Sweidre. Thanks. You've been most helpful. I'm using the free version of 3.0. The other numbers are there, and my product is up-to-date, so, I'm using the one you asked me if I was using. Where can I find those instructions for scheduling scans. As far as font, I see nothing, so that wouldn't be helpful to me. My screen-reading software reads almost anything. I haven't encountered it having problems with fonts. Now, imbedded objects, that's another story. Should I re-install Microsoft Security Essentials. I'm using an older laptop, and I'm running Windows XP. I took it out because it seemed to slow my computer down a bit with both antivirus programs on here. I have Windows Firewall. Is this good enough, or do you recommend something other than this?
  7. I'm totally blind and recently installed Immunet. Some of the settings that the user guide says should be on tell me they're off. I click on that setting hoping to see where to turn it on, and there is no other option. Can someone help, please. Immunet is my only antivirus product. I'm using NVDA as my screen reading software. It is Jaws based, or so I've been told.
  8. Good! Let's get these guys. It's a bloody shame that people have to worry about someone ruining their computers. We have enough to worry about.
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