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  1. OK, sorry for not catching that! Personally, I would remove Bitdefender free and go with something else, but that may not be the answer you are looking for.
  2. Good day, tjwoosta: I believe the recommended procedure for any time more than one security program is installed on a computer is to exclude the working folder from the scans of the other program. So, set up Immunet to not scan the Bitdefender working folders and set Bitdefender to not scan the usual Immunet working folders. That should resolve any concerns.
  3. I believe you have followed the instructions correctly as you just needed to make sure that each was not scanning the other's folder.
  4. In this particular case, yes, that is normal behavior. The result is a light and thorough combination that I think you will enjoy.
  5. Seasons Greetings, Ritchie. Many thanks for your years of service to the community.
  6. It works perfectly. My recommendation is to leave Windows Defender active and then add Immunet as they seem to partner very well. Windows Defender will handle off-line malware detection, so you do not need to enable the ClamAV option within Immunet.
  7. i also have three Plus licenses that I am not currently using. Years ago, I remember having the same problem, in that after a version upgrade, Immunet would seem to loose the Plus license on me. Just send them a support ticket via the website as in my experience, they respond very quickly and will reset your license if necessary to make it work. You may want to hold off until they fix the "not keeping settings" problem as I smell another update coming.... I also noticed this new version is not showing me the last date / time the defs updated.
  8. Immunet Users - Time to check for updates. I noticed ClamAV definitions did not seem to update in the free version since yesterday. Just got home, plugged my laptop in, clicked update and noticed version has been released. Here is what I have noticed. PROTECTION - Monitor Network Connections is a new option CLAM AV - No longer listed in options in this version! TETRA DETECTION ENGINE (Bitfefender) Allow Definitions Updates -is now enabled in free Enable TETRA Engine - this can now be selected in free, but the enabled setting does not "stick" for me if I click save / close and then reopen SCAN SETTINGS Scan Email and Deep Scan from Plus version can now be selected in free, but again, the changes are not sticking for me if I save / close and reopen. The upgrade to Immunet Plus sidebar / advertisement is still popping up in this version. After the upgrade install from 3.1.8 free and seeing this I did a complete uninstall, deleted all directories, rebooted and then re-installed. Upgrade advertisement still is popping up. Memory use remains very low. I noticed the user count has tripled in recent weeks from the 3 million + users to now over 10 million. My guess is they have incorporated some of Immunet into newer Cisco / Sourcefire offerings and are now combining the user count(??). ** In further checking, anything I turn to on or off will not stick in the settings if I save / close and then reopen. Might just be my machine. *** Also, while it did update definitions and there is a tetra folder with some Bitdefender files, Immunet free clearly did not pull down any BD updates. It did, however, apparently update ClamAV definitions.
  9. @ClintC - If you want to stick with XP, I'd just add Comodo Firewall to use along side with Immunet and you should be fine.
  10. Yeah, this is the only "bug" I have discovered. After I do a flash scan I do see the date / time for the last scan. If I reboot the computer, forget it. Back to yellow with "never" as the last scan date. This is in free and plus versions. I seriously do not recall this being any different in previous versions either. This is not an issue for me, but I would expect that the developers did not intend for it to behave in this way.
  11. Hi all, I was one of the early Immunet users and later a beta tester. I then drifted away for no particular reason. I liked what I saw in the news release regarding the latest revisions / update to Immunet 3 and Windows 8.1 compatibility so I gave it another spin. In testing, I was impressed with the speed, minimal impact on system resources and how they rewrote agent.exe (or whatever it was) that turned into Sourcefire Connector.(sfc.exe?) Seems to scale extremely well... I was impressed enough that I bought a new 3 computer 2 year license in January 2014. After several installs / removals while I played around with other AV software on my main laptop and after having hardware issues with a work station, I noticed yesterday that I must of burned through whatever activations are allowed with this license as I was unable to activate Plus on a second PC. Today I decided to see if I could get this resolved by clicking the support link through the Immunet website. Exactly ten (10) minutes after my support request I had an email message from "Reg" indicating my activation limit was reset, please try your key again. Many thanks for the great customer service. I've got no complaints at all with the latest revisions. Based upon this support experience I'm going to grab another license later in the week to cover the rest of your family computers. Thanks for your fine work. BTW, I think it would be very beneficial if you all would start updating the various pages of your website, including the blog posts. Much of the info is so old that it makes it appear the software is no longer under active development, which obviously is not the case here.
  12. Thank you for your clarification. I will proceed as directed prior to the license expiration date.
  13. Thanks, Ritchie! I chose to try the 3.0.6 beta. The install over my existing version went fine. Will report back if I have any more issues.
  14. Thanks, Ritchie. I clicked your link to the home page. Where on that page is the link to RENEW my license?? I click any of the "purchase now" links and can buy a new license. My question was about renewals.
  15. I noticed that my 2-year license will expire in about 90 days. I imagine many people purchased just one year licenses, yet I do not see anything on line about Immunet renewals. Is there any specific path involved, or do I just go back to the website and purchase a new license when my existing license expires?
  16. Excellent news! Is there an estimated release date available as to when they anticipate going final? Also, do the developers plan on sticking with version 3 for a while and is there a roadmap as to when Immunet will move to a version 4? I realize I may be jumping the gun here!! It's just that the blog has not been updated since May 2011 and I was beginning to get concerned.
  17. My laptop is running Win 7 64-bit. It only gets an actual reboot if I need to take in on the road with me for the day, otherwise it stays running at home. Other "cleaners" that I use on occasion are Glary Utilities Pro and PC Pitstop. However, I can say that lately I am not running any of the cleaners on a regular basis or more often than about once every two weeks. So on the 19th it showed one previous scan in history. Today it again shows "Not Secure - Fit it" and no scans shown in history. Since I am adding this replay at 06:04 I guess my scheduled flash scan for 0300 each day also is not working.
  18. I seem to be having the same problem on a regular basis. I'll do a manual flash scan and I do get the green check mark. Immunet later seems to reset it's scan history, perhaps each time I reboot my laptop. I just checked history and noticed it only shows one scan being done and that was on 3/18. I am not griping here! I wanted to add my experience and then ask if anyone thinks that regular use of something like CCleaner could be deleting log files and causing the reset.
  19. I think that most or all of your problem centers around the "not online" error that you mentioned. As background info, I've been a beta / regular user off and on since before the first official release. The last several times that I went back to using Immunet Pro full time this is what would happen: 1. New / fresh install, license key entered and accepted without any issues. 2. Tetra definition updates worked properly and I was able to enable the Pro features that I desire. 3. REBOOT and IP behaves as though I no longer have a valid Pro license as all Pro features are no turned off. Checking further, I would notice the Immunet is not online problem that you mentioned. However, in each case, after I waited a little while longer Immunet is on line and my Pro features are back! It is important to note that this problem was only after the first reboot after the install. On subsequent dates and reboots I no longer have that problem. My recommendation is wait 10 minutes or so after a reboot and see if everything goes to normal. If not, try rebooting a second time and wait 10 minutes. If there still is a problem, try another reinstall, entering your pro license at the appropriate time during the start of the install procedure. Also, if you purchased Pro, it is best to turn the ClamAV detection OFF. TETRA is what you paid for and what you want enabled. Using both will up the memory and resource use of the software.
  20. Agreed. I have installed / uninstalled various versions of Immunet Free or Pro and ClamAV Free well over one hundred times through my computer consulting / repair business and have never experienced a problem as described in this thread. After 2.X was first released, I did seem to nail down some Microsoft software and Intuit (QuickBooks) install errors or problems that I did feel were caused by Immunet. I bring every error I discover to Immunet's attention and they did provide a quick fix. With the latest versions (2.0.17) I no longer disable or uninstall Immunet prior to major software installations and I am no longer having any problems.
  21. I'm using the DNS that is offered as an option when installing Comodo. Works great. When surfing typical pages such as Drudge Report or Fox News, I often see a small block of page space that shows a Comodo logo and error message, which tells me the Comodo DNS is blocking something that could potentially be bad. From experience, I know this is often true as too many people are getting drive-by infections due to too much crap running behind the scenes in advertisements running on legitimate websites.
  22. Bambo - Thanks for your comments and I do understand what you are saying. In my case, Comodo firewall is always correctly registered with Windows and Windows always just indicates both firewalls are running if I click the option to take a look. I've researched this enough to believe that there are no major issues if we leave things as they are - with Comodo or Norton (or probably many others) not completely disabling Windows firewall upon installation. If we do not like it, we can always manually turn off the Windows firewall, but per my previous post, I no longer fully disable all Windows firewall services that I see running in Services. duncan - Yes, that always seems to do the trick! If I have a problem running a program, my first trouble shooting step is to first switch Comodo to "learning mode" and that usually helps me find out what Comodo might be blocking and I then add the appropriate permissions.
  23. It looks like you all have covered the debate well with regard to leaving Windows firewall on or not when running a third party firewall. I just want to add a few comments that are bound to help out some of you. - In the days of XP, if I installed a third party firewall such as Norton or Zone Alarm, I think that I was generally clearly informed that the install would be disabling the Windows XP firewall. - The above is often no longer the case with Windows 7, as Norton, Comodo, etc. may or may not turn off the Windows 7 firewall upon installation. I also have never seen Windows 7 show a popup warning that two firewalls are running. I run Comodo and it did not turn off the Windows firewall on any of my machines. If you turn off Windows firewall from the Control Panel, check your running Services and you will find that part of Windows firewall is indeed still auto start and running. - Finally, this is the most important part of my post. There is some software that will not install unless Windows firewall (or at least part of it's services as referenced above) are actually running. A good example of this is with Microsoft Zune. If you have Windows firewall disabled in Services, Zune will not finish installing. So, if you all ever find there is no way a program will install, try enabling the Windows firewall and see if that does the trick. Then disable it again after the successful program install if that is what you want.
  24. Why don't you just upload the file to http://www.virustotal.com ? It probably would also be a good idea to report back here with what it found (if anything).
  25. This is great news! I have a question that I believe is of importance to most users. Just to clarify, when you all "ship" upgrades such as 3 Spero Trees, is this automatically enabled for all Immunet users? The reason I ask is I have clients running various versions of 2.0.x. Will there be cases when users must upgrade to the latest release before they will see new feature add ons, or are they automatically pushed to all users? I guess to clarify, when versions jump from say 2.0.12 to 2.0.14 to 2.0.15, is this mainly bug fixes? How about users who still may be using version 1.0.x? Would they benefit from the new 3 Spero Trees or do they first need to upgrade to 2.0.x? Thanks!
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