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  1. Correct, Millard to the rescue! I followed his procedure and now all is well on that work station. I sent him the new output.txt file with my reply. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks, Petersen. E-mail sent and support did acknowledge that they are looking into my updating problem. Also, I suppose that I need to get my eyes checked as the date "Last Updated" is clearly shown on the software interface. Don't know how I could have missed that! It says I haven't received any updates in two days, so hopefully support will get back to me soon.
  3. We have Immunet telling us what other anti virus is installed in the free version, but am I correct in that there is no simple way for Pro users to see the date of the last definitions in Tetra? First of all, I think this would be useful info, as no one wants to discover too late that Immunet Paid has not updated in days or weeks. Secondly, I noticed that since upgrading to I get looking for, downloading, installing and then FAIL.
  4. Congats to IP staff on the release of! I wanted to bring a few items to the developers' attention. I've run Windows 7 since the RC and find that I am still learning new things about Win7. Something that I have experienced previously with IP 2.0 popped up again this afternoon after I upgraded to on my Win7 64-bit work station. The upgrade went fine and then I was prompted for the reboot, as expected. The reboot took an extra long time and there was then a message at the center of the screen indicating the Windows was doing some configuration (or something like that). Then, I notice that Win7 has booted into a new type of "safe mode" that shows none of my desktop customizations and with an error message at the task tray that Windows has booted into a temporary desktop. The error message at the lower right was something like you will not be to save changes - reboot to see if the error reoccurs. After a second reboot, everything was back to normal. Another observation is that after the second reboot, I noticed IP Pro was using about 240 MB of RAM and then noticed it was pulling down updates, which I assume were new "Paid" definitions to complement the new version. Installing these updates FAILED on the first try. I rebooted again and noted that whatever additional updates were necessary installed just fine. I mention the new "safe mode" type desktop problem as I have experienced this twice recently, with IP 2.0 Pro being the only common denominator. After having major problems installing and running QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 while running IP 2.0 Pro active, the error desktop occurred right after I thought I had lost my QuickBooks company database file. The company file would not open and reported major errors. After a reboot, I got the failed temporary desktop. Second, I had previously reported to Al that I had major problems installing MS Office 2010 on a new netbook I had purchased. I resolved that by fully removing 2010 and going back to MS Office 2007. I decided to install 2010 again this weekend after properly removing 2007. Again, the install bailed with unrecoverable errors. As a test, I went into msconfig to disable IP 2.0 from loading. Another failed MS Office 2010 install so I went into "services" to disable IP "agent" from being able to load at boot. That did the trick and MS Office 2010 installed perfectly. But then, after re-enabling IP 2.0 Pro and another reboot, I got the failed safe mode desktop on that machine on the first boot. A second reboot and all was well. I hope that the above information proves to be helpful. I am not complaining and I have successfully worked through these issues. I am reporting this info so that IP staff is aware should other users report the same problems.
  5. I've never experienced any problems uninstalling Immunet or ClamAV. My recommendation would be that you first reinstall the program and then try a normal uninstall again. If that does not work, rather than a registry cleaner, grab the free version of Revo Uninstaller, which firsts fantastic for uninstalling stuborn programs.
  6. How about "Immunet Inject" for the name for this tool? Regarding what this tool should do, I like the ideas already posted.
  7. iTrendsNET

    Install Mode

    My main work stations are very fast with 4 and 8 GB of memory so I can't really say that I have noticed any slowdowns during installs. What I did notice is I have encountered numerous program install failures on one work station (new Windows 7 64-bit fresh install within the past 30 days) and on my Win 7 32-bit netbook that I just purchased a week ago. This is mostly with Microsoft software installs. It finally dawned on me that Immunet 2 Pro might be part of the problem so I would go into task manager to kill the two processes. I have since discovered that this is curing my failed install and update problems. This is something that should be addressed as I never experienced such install errors in the past and I also never would disable any security protection prior to installs.
  8. I completely removed all traces of Immunet from my computers prior to the clean install of to IP 2 Plus. No slow downs at all on any of my three machines. One laptop is a netbook with a N470 processor and IP 2 Plus continues to run very light.
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