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  1. Hi RobT just a quick reply on the 3.0.3 if i upgrade or do a new installation will i have to get my key refreshed or will it accept without any issues, and thanks for the heads up on 3.0.3 version of Immunet.
  2. Immunet Protect Plus 3.0.2 Issue or Bug currently upgraded from the English Version of Immunet Protect Plus 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. I checked for updates like i always do, and i get latest updates already installed message on the GUI, and i also get the same message every time i do a update. I also see updated 03/06/2011 09:02:25, on the GUI My Setup. English Version Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1. current installed software. sandboxie 3.55.10, malwarebytes Pro, superantispyware 5.0.1090, comodo internet security 2011 complete 5.4.189822.1355 I have sent the Immunet_Support_Tool_2011_06_09_15_37_50 , also 3 screenshots compressed into a rar file to support@immunet.com with the email subject Immunet Protect Plus 3.0.2 Issue or Bug.
  3. hi Orlando thanks for the response and letting me know to my query thanks Paul.
  4. hi Orlando just a quick query, if i enable the Clam Av detection engine in Immunet Plus 3.0 will this conflict with my security setup which is comodo internet security complete 2011,and malwarebytes, sandboxie. thanks Paul.
  5. just upgraded Immunet protect plus to version 3.0 and installation was a success aswell as updates no problems or issues so far. thanks Paul
  6. I have Immunet Protect Plus installed, can I upgrade same as free version or do I wait for an Update, thanks Paul.
  7. hello everyone just wondering if anyone wants to join my immunet community my email address is ***Removed by moderators for prevent spam*** thanks Paul ***Send to him a private message (Orlando)***
  8. ok great, thanks for the response
  9. just tried to download ĀµTorrent Release Candidate 1 (2.2 build 22626) from http://www.utorrent.com/downloads and gets quaratined AS W32.SPERO.SALTY.1013 FROM immunet protect plus, i suspect this is a false positive
  10. ok just to say thanks for replying to my query. paul
  11. thank you for your response ive been in touch with alfred and its been soughted. thanks again paul
  12. just tried to upload Immunet_Support_Tool but get error message saying file is to big. thanks paul
  13. just what to let you know I had to do a re install of windows 7 32 bit I had immunet protect plus with a 1 year key from the beta testing, when I had to do a reninstall I put immunet protect plus back on my machine but it just reverted to free version, ill upload snapshot. thanks paul
  14. just want to let you know i downloaded eset smart security from http://www.eset.com/ and it was detected from immunet plus, im assumming it is a false positive, i have attached a snapshot, i tried to attach Immunet_Support_Tool_2010_08_08_16_32_02 - got this - Error This file was too big to upload.
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