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  1. Hi, After yet another failure of the immunet plus program I decided I would go on the forums and share my experiences with you. Let me start by saying that I chose immunet after uploading a file of which I was certain contained a trojan because I made it, to the virustotal.com website and immunet was one of 3 scanners to detect the trojan out of 50+ scanner so Big thumbs up there. BUT THEN ..... After I first installed immunet plus on my pc, it slowed my computer down in a way that it was just no fun anymore to use the computer, so I decided to removed the program. After a month or two and a immunet update later I thought I would give it another go, so I downloaded and installed it again. This time there unfortunately was a known bug that caused the status of "Last Updated" to report it was out of date, even though I just updated it, So I decided to remove the program for the second time and wait for another update. A little while later I installed immunet plus for the third time, only to find out that I could not log into the community, and after reading the forums I found out this was a known bug and I should download the latest copy and re-install the program. So I uninstalled the program for the third time. Earlier this week I downloaded the latest copy of immunet and installed it again. Yesterday I wanted to play a game I have installed on my pc (mania planet racing game) and immunet detected that part of the game is some sort of virus/trojan and removed the zip file that was infected rendering the game useless, though this is most likely a false positive as this is a legitimate game. So I looked for a way to disable immunet so I could re-install the game, but could not find one. So I went into options and turned everything, EVRY THING to the OFF position and re-installed the racing game, but again immunet popped up with a notification that the maniaplanet_painter.zip was infected and that the quarantine was succesfull. Did I mention that I had every option for Protection/Cloud Detection/ClamAV Detection/Tetra Detection and even Quarantine Behavior turned OFF. The only difference was that this time the pop up had a YES and a NO. The thing is it was not asking me if I wanted to quarantine the file Yes or No, It only stated that the Quarantine was succesfull! Yes No. So I chose NO hoping it would leave the file in peace, but it didn't it quarantined it any anyway (or was already quarantined). For me Immunet plus has been the biggest troublemaker on my computer from the first time I installed it up until this week when I installed it for the 4th time in under a year. I have used all kinds of other anti-virus programs like AVG free, Avast free, Norton (paid) and Kaspersky (paid) without any trouble and when my subscription runs out I will not be renewing the PLUS protection and I will switch to a AV program that works well.
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