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  1. Hi, Translations are up to date but we are waiting for a new version since 3 months...
  2. This is the final version ? I notice that it take something like 3 times more space in ram than (50 MB before, 150 after). Hopefully lot of this space is put into swap but it's an huge space.
  3. On this case, no it's not because of ask. I just said that if you have an FP on a sponsor people will set worst score on wot like you can see with windows live plus for example.
  4. It's because Immunet uses ask.com, lot of users don't trust them, especially in some countries. Many web sites have the same reputation only because of their sponsors, worst if they have a FP on it.
  5. It seems it doesn't works on beta translations, try with a finale release.
  6. Nop, it only excludes folders in the exclude list, not it sub folders. I had lot of issues with it, so I must disable Immunet each time to prevent it detection. Just try.
  7. I don't use avira, but Panda Cloud, I just see the issue by testing avira and immunet. Panda Cloud have the same issue, in fact, more you have exe and dll to extract, more the install will be slow. I sent you an email with all my hardware, immunet logs, and windows configuration et running apps ans services.
  8. I try with 2.0.16, the issue is not fixed. Any new informations ?
  9. Hi, A little idea that will be very useful, why don't add a possibility to exclude folder recursively to exclude all subfolders at the same time ?
  10. Hi Kyle, On this case, the reason isn't because Comodo don't monitor raw as it checks it. The reason is all safe app can destroy it or bypass it (like OA too). Java script have been made to show that, and they fix it, but as there is so many way, you can still disable it with a html throw an ActiveX for example. I didn't do more test as I have no reason to spend time on it to see lot of users pray for Comodo and banish the devil. As you will not find lot of malware in java or python, it's not necessary to check it too, this was just some PoC. Practically all security suite can be disable with this method, but this won't mean that you are not protected as you won't find any malware which try to use this way.
  11. Any news on this ? I take a look to this again, and I see that when IP is enable, antivir setup consume lot of CPU
  12. Hi, What do you think about add a button in file history or/and in IP alerts to permit users to report a false positive directly from GUI ? After clicking, it will send the file to your staff and restore it on our machine automatically.
  13. In fact, I found the answer in another thread, I didn't know that SPERO send detected files to the cloud.
  14. Well, so I try to disable ETHOS and SPERO, but there is only a change if I disable Monitor Program Install I join data from my VM and my main computer (I see this issue with vlc setup) http://www.mirorii.com/fichier/100/317141/Immunet_Support_Tool_2010_09_17_09_44_10_Main-zip.html http://www.mirorii.com/fichier/12/317142/Immunet_Support_Tool_2010_09_17_09_53_29_VM-zip.html
  15. Fp have already been fixed. What I means is if you have already sent this update to all Immunet client. I ask you that because I ran some test recently, and I see that Immunet have a better detection, and there is not any new detection with this test.
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