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  1. Well, it's a policy of Immunet but some people have sensibilities and do want to respect them in their native language. Some others can easily live in a second international and broadly used language as US-English. May I let you note that most well-based Internet security brand, like AILWIL-AVAST for exemple, make their latest edition available in a lot of languages. Take Mozilla Firefox. Why not Immunet? Note, personnally, I can use the US-English edition but some of my French-speaking friends won't be happy to learn only v.2 is available in french for them. Come on, Immunet, it's time to change your policy...!!!
  2. In fact I'm Canadian and English nowadays is used everywhere or almost everywhere things matters!
  3. Thanks, I was guessing so, anyway I downloaded and installed latest v.3 in English over the french one and everything works perfectly fine. So the "check updates" works perfectly well since v. 2 was the latest in non-english version. Now for what happened at the beginning of my problem, I was wondering if Immunet was "pushing" updates, I mean automatic. That's the only way I could understand why the next day it can't connect and needs to "clean" uninstall then reinstall. I tried Immunet free previously years ago and the same happened, at a certain given point, you can no longer login into the community and the same message error appears. Hope these posts will help better and clear the situation.
  4. Thanks for the link. I got to v.2 (may be because I choose the "French" version) Googleing "Immunet" and landing to your web site immunet.com. So may be v. 2 is for the non-english users? Webroot Secure Anywhere (WSA) is the next evolution from PrevX which was bought by Webroot. It scans and has anti-rootkit protection. It's supposed to also live along other AVs. Since here, no problem. I also have Windows 7 Firewall Control. If you miss one of its alert, you may have problem with programs internet connection but I've check into the listed programs and none were blocked. Finally, from v. 2, when I click check updates, it keeps saying that v.2 is the latest(???!!!) so I'm going to try your link. Many thanks!
  5. Had Immunet v.3 installed since 2-3 months, and today it must have updated because it wasn't enable to login anymore. Had "unexpected error failure" messages. No way to register. No way to scan. Searxched the forum, but found only solution was to email support. I decided not to wait, to uninstall fron Control Panel and to reinstall the version available from your web site (I use Free version). After clean install, I have now v. 2 but it's working fine. Anything wrong? I'm on Win 7 64 bits. Avast Pro and latest WSA beta.
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