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  1. I normally use Linux but thought I would try a dual boot so I can play some games which don't work quite as well in Linux. I have no protection for anything in Windows. No firewall, no virus scan, etc. Ok, so I put this on my computer because it sounded pretty cool. Then I realized I don't really want it because it slows things down too much. I really just want to use it like Clam AV works but for windows. So I go to uninstall it but it gets stuck at Cleanup agent. Sits there and never ever completes. I followed some posts to try to remove it. I downloaded a removal tool yesterday that I found posted on these forums somewhere and booted into safe mode and ran it. It seemed to run ok but was saying it couldn't find a lot of things. In the end I figured it worked ok. I shut things down and came back to windows eventually today only to discover Immunet 3.0 sitting in my system tray still. I can't believe uninstalling this software is impossible! I cannot delete the folder off my hard drive because it says permission denied. Well, ok how do I get permission even? Furthermore, I stopped, and disabled, and deleted the service from starting. WTF!??
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