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  1. I came accros this file on the internet while browsing and it was named as a keygen or password generator looks suspicious so what I did enabled shadow user and try to download it to test if immunet nor my AV would detect it did not detect it.. so I was thinking ok then I remember virus scan jotti and scanned it : Ikarus 2011-01-26 Trojan-PWS.MSIL Avira 2011-01-25 TR/Dropper.Gen Nod32 2011-01-26 MSIL/Agent.AT others did not determine that its a virus. Virus downloaded and send to database by Orlando. Please go to this page and chose "Submit a virus" then compile and send. Don't post in public virus, please read our rules. Thanks for attention, Orlando.
  2. Yup already did stilldoing some test about it and waiting for the trial of vipre to expire.
  3. I thought Vipre and Immunet would cause conflict but it seems there is no problem when running both of them at the same time. If so I hope someone updates the support thread/faqs. Added info. I installed immunet first then installed Vipre Premium. Immunet even shows on the left side that it sees the Vipre program.
  4. My setup are : Windows XP SP3 Shadow Defender - testing apps and such [Always enabled] Immunet FortiClient Standard Opera Browser
  5. Thanks for the quick response and thanks you again for including me in the community
  6. Just realize that there are 2163 Filipino user of this program. Maybe you can also add me in your community. Also One quick question, I was pmed by Rich and said that on his community he is seeing me with a flag that has the ? symbol on it. How is that so?
  7. Thanks for all the people who added me
  8. Post removed by Admins. Please don't talk about crack, read our rules and how to beave. Orlando
  9. Full scan detects a program in one of the online games im playing as a trojan. If I remove it I would not be able to run the game. Its a game protection for the game similar to xtrap etc... XFileTransfer.zip
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