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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all newbie here. I have been trying to install some software which Immunet has decided is a virus or spyware or whatever. Immunet just does not like the install program. How do I turn Immunet of or pause / disable it until I have installed the software. I have the softwar installed on other computers running Immunet and they are fine. Its just the install part thats the issue. Thanks and sorry if thuis has been covered previously. Wayne
  2. Having conflict in setting up a HomeGroup in Windows 7 machines. Firewall now allows for sharing settings. However, MS troubleshoot help instructed to disable all antivirus programs. I SEE NO WAY HOW to DISABLE Immunet. Would hate to have to uninstall to see if this is the issue. PLEASE provide instruction how to temp disable the antivirus. THANKS in advance.
  3. Is there a setting to temporarely disabling Immunet to do some testing. Most software have an option to do so on their taskbar icon. Thanks
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