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Found 3 results

  1. i am trying to update Immunet and all the time i get the error 503 (could not connect to the update server), currently i am running the 7.0.0. 11362
  2. Hi Immunet team, Installed just the other day, and Immunet quarantined two files: cevakrnl.rv0.upack cevakrnl.rv0.rpack Both were from my Bitdefender folder, as per screenshot. A pop up alert from Immunet described the files as: Clam.Win.Trojan.Perelett-1 I contacted Bitdefender (with screenshot) and they said was most probably a false positive, to restore the files, then send them a copy of the restored files for confirmation. However when I tried to restore the files there was an error notice, saying restore failed. Tried a reboot but that made it worse, with the Restore option disappearing entirely from the Quarantine interface. Is there another way to access and restore the files? thanks!
  3. Hi, Just tried installing on Windows 2012 Server and got a nice OS not supported error. Do you have a installer that will work? Thanks
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