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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everybody. Starting today we will be posting release notes in this thread. This thread will be locked, to be used for release notes only. --- -Immunet Version Release addressing the issues that surfaced because of If you have previously performed a clean uninstall and reinstall of Immunet 3.1.12, after an upgrade to 3.1.13, you are now able to re-activate your Plus account via the Settings page. If you are still experiencing issues with this release, please feel free to contact support@immunet.com. --- -Immunet Version This small release contains minor bug fixes for the TETRA engine. Release Notes: -Bug Fixes: Several minor bugs, most related to TETRA engine. !NOTE! There were some significant issues with version Version corrects these issues --- -Immunet Version This small release contains bug fixes. Release Notes: -Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with silent crashes -Bug Fixes: Several other minor bugs --- -Immunet Version This small release contains bug fixes. Release Notes: -Bug Fixes: Fixed an interface crash that occurred on a combination of settings/detections. -Bug Fixes: Several other minor interface bugs --- -Immunet Version This new version contains a mountain of bug fixes and some important Interface changes. Release Notes: -Operating System Support: Full Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 support! -User Interface Changes: The "My Community" and "Notices" features have been removed from the UI. These became redundant long ago as we found a way for our Cloud Servers to ensure all users received the full protection of Immunet's global community of over 2 million users, rather than just the few immediate users most had in their local communities. -User Interface Changes: We're now "Immunet 3" instead of "Immunet 3.0". There are so many minor changes since our last major release that we've had to rev our version number. -Engine Changes: New and improved versions of both the TETRA and Clam engines! -Bug Fixes: Network related issues that would cause Net Bios name resolution failures, VPN connection failures, and BSOD’s. -Bug Fixes: XML locking issues with the configuration files. -Bug Fixes: Many, many more! --- Immunet Version This version is considered a must-have for Plus users, or those wishing to upgrade to Plus in the future. (Newer versions also contain these fixes) Release Notes: -Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing TETRA signatures from successfully upgrading. -Made various changes so that upgrades run smoother, as well as more reliably. Cheers. ---
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