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Found 6 results

  1. When a program started with lots of files loaded (VS 2015), the Immunet Protect consumes lots of resources of both CPU and memory. However, if I turn off the ClamAV, it is solved. So does ClamAV have a low performance? Or it's just a bug. THX
  2. Hello, see https://virusscan.jotti.org/de-DE/filescanjob/hmmurkzlp0; according to that, ClamAV thinks this DLL is some malware called PUA.Win.Packer.PowerbasicCc-2. Then again, according to https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f7fef855fdf9dac44fd23b06d1c7ecbe4142f11aaa5d68a3c91c578bdc64df05/detection the file is clean. I'm with VirusTotal here, I'm absolutely sure that this DLL is harmless, actually I'm using it in some of my programs and I'm in contact with the author. Please investigate the issue. Thanks & best regards, Wolfgang DirectCOM.dll
  3. There is a problem with offline update files. I use 32bit version at home and I have tried several times to uninstall and install again Immunet but it wont udate clamav. At the moment it wont update at all. But before it was downloading twice daily.cvd and it ended up with error. This is happening the last 2 weeks and it won't work. At other pc's with 32bit and 64bit everything is fine.
  4. (First off, this may need to be in the Immunet forum, but I believe it is specific to ClamAV on Windows. If it is in the wrong place, let me know and I will gladly repost in the other forum.) Having a disk space issue with the clamav.log-date_time files when I enable ClamAV detection in Immunet Currently I see 180 log files eating up 17.5 gigs of disk space on a 30 gig disk (ouch!) Even as an Administrator, I can not delete the files. I haven't found settings controlling the size and number of the log files, so I am posting in this forum looking for assistance. Thanks in advance for any ideas/guidance!
  5. nwn

    Custom Signature Tool

    hello, Is it possible to integrate on the next release (like immunet 3.0) the Custom Signature Tool? This tool is a must if you work with clamav custom sig. regards M.
  6. Hello, i have source code of clamav and i am also using clamav on my system, clam av loads db each time a new scan is performed, how could i change it to load only once for multiple scan, i have tried making clamav engine static and not re-compile for multiple scan but now it is ony reading data not scanning how could i modify it in the right way, any help would be appreciate.d
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