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Found 1 result

  1. I had an issue with a eicar detection. 1. Installed Immunet 3 on Windows 2008 R2 (Test also on Windows 7 Home Edition) 2. Left everything as default but turned "ON" Cloud Dection Engines ETHOS SPERO ClamAV Detection Engine Enable ClamAV Engine Allow Defintion Updates 3. Checked for updates 4. Started Downloading the file http://www.eicar.org...d/eicar.com.txt It gives a "Warning!" message Threat Quarantined B48B.tmp has been detected as EICAR:EICAR_Test_file_not_a_virus-tpd. Quarentine was successful So my real-time detection is working but if I stop the "Immmunet 3" windows service & download the file http://www.eicar.org...d/eicar.com.txt After I download the file to my desktop start the immunet 3 service & wait for it to fully start. I then try to open "eicar.com.txt" from my desktop it will opene the file without any issues if I right click on the file & select "Immunet Protection" - "Scan Now" it will detect the file as a virus. (I did confirm that the real-time detection is working after restarting the service by trying to re-download the link again but it will blocked via immunet) Also when I try to delete the file the real-time scanning seems to detect it. I just find it odd that the real-time scanner would not be triggered by me opening the txt file Just kinda getting a bit worried using this anti-virus solution as in a scenario if someone brings a virus on a USB drive I could get infected as real-time scanning may not scan it.
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