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Found 10 results

  1. False positive?!? today immunet quarantined chrome.exe file and after chrome uninstall can’t install chrome. Because immunet quarantines chrome.exe file. It’s false positive?
  2. Hello, I'm new to Immunet and I wish to ask some questions. What's the difference between Ethos and the option of sending files of interest to Immunet for analysis (from Miscellaneous Settings). How do they work? And to what extents either of them affect privacy and safety? What happens if I were to disable one of them or both? Would I still receive the complete protection?
  3. Immunet rocks! Thank you. I am a Windows 10 x64 user. More transparency on what is being scanned (what is using 5-15% cpu) ... my cpu is now idle and it stopped after a couple reboots. I recently updated Windows 10 to the new pre-release version which it may be scanning updated files. build into a toast popup the ability to whitelist or contain items that are stuck with scanning allow gaming mode to suspend background scans if it does not already block/delete/contains primarily happens with downloading apps with macros etc... instead of auto deleting and often without a popup/alert ... always post a toast popup message with the ability to contain, delete, whitelist upgrade the whitelist option for files/folders" add to exclusion list. Initially I would hit ok and not realize if you do not click add afterwards it did not commit. ability to save settings, whitelists to a cloud account if we want for backup allow export of settings so we can help kids learn what folders to whitelist for gaming (blizzard/battlenet/steam etc) is there an antimalware plugin available? any zeroday exploit plugins for browsers? is clamav needed? it is confusing if immunet is using cpu or clam av or if clamav helps immunet be more effective. any studies/explanations on benefits of clam av on/off? cloud submit files for whitelisting or cloud submit files that are known malware for further analysis (once blocked allow upload if feature does not exist already) whitelist adwcleaner and other populare antimalware tools any cpu optimizations possible? the immunet service in windows 10x64 often causes sfc.exe to idle at 5-10% cpu usage. Possibly increase memory/ram usage to offset cpu usage? is immunet rescanning files ? possibly create a local db hash recognition of each scanned file, timestamp created/modified, hash etc. then once scanned (full scan or over time scan) have it flag the db with a last scanned date... then periodically re-scan these files less similar to a differential backup (focus on new content) . this would allow immunet to idle better if it is not background scanning. have cloud syncing of global white lists with some algorithm for review. Possibly this whitelist method would be less blanketing than an exclusion... such as whitelisted by specific version, hash etc. however it could be prone to pollution in which malware creators work to get their apps whitelisted before exposing it to the public for utilization. is their a registry av / malware scanner? update the immunet background of the app to the new red theme which rocks. anyway to capture which files are being deleted from multiple downloads? often the download files that are deleted will not have a matching name to the final download that was planned. other scanner options hidden files dlls, drivers, services, smart windows folder scanning, user profile scanning, popular spots (an ultra fast scan users can scan daily)... a. pup removal from adwcleaner (hanvt had it since immunet)... immunet may be doing a good job already is there a root kit scanner? is one even needed? when computer is active (ms office, gaming , browsing) allow less random background scans (this may be true already)... then allow scanning when idle for x amount of time (not watching a movie)... when the cpu for the system is less <3% for 30min etc. immunet may already handle this great just wanted to write it out in case not. Alot of these features I believe exist in some form since immunet is really 4+ antiviruses or so in one... immunet, clam av, two cloud services etc. Thank you for this project!
  4. I have run into a problem. After the clamAv bug filling my Hard Drive I decided to uninstall Immunet after having happily used it for many years. I followed all the instructions and Immunet looked like it was unisnstalled, but it still has folders on the computer in C:\Program Files\Immunet that are running .dll application extensions and I cannot remove them. Please advise me on how I can achieve this. Anybody got advice?
  5. Hello everyone, I am using Immunet 5.03.10301 on a Windows 2008 R2 server running Exchange 2010. I ran fine on Immunet 2 for over a year, then upgraded to In response to searching I did for a related problem with not being able to quarantine files (see my post dated yesterday in the Malware Detections section), I uninstalled Immunet, selecting No on preserving settings and data per posts from people with similar scanning issues. I reinstalled it using the standard settings. Today, people started having issues with their email. The problem seemed to be missing email transaction logs on the server, which was traced to Immunet's quarantine. Attempting to restore the files failed with the following message: Message from webpage: File Could Not Be Restored. Check to see if Agent is online. Please Contact support@immunet.com. Agent is online. Scouring the forums again, I ended up restarting the server. Email function is restored, but I'm concerned about Immunet trying to delete the logs again. This leads me to two questions: First, how can I set Immunet to ignore the log file locations? Second, should Immunet even be used with Microsoft Exchange? Any advice that could be given would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Michael
  6. I've recently updated from Immunet 3 to Immunet 5.0.2. I have the cloud engines enabled, as well as the integrated ClamAV. I've set a weekly full scan for 3am Sunday, but I see the machine is performing full scans every hour. I don't see an option to change this. Is this expected behaviour, or is there a setting I can adjust to reduce / eliminate the frequency of these scans? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Perhaps I should have posted here instead? Please refer to my Immunet Security Advisory post in this forum. In a nutshell, the ImmunetSetup-5.0.0.exe installation file is flagged as a virus.win32.sality.at as well as the current downloadable upgrade file ImmunetSetup.exe . . . My research shows this is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS file infector! Please advise . . . I have not uninstalled Immunet yet in hopes that this is a false positive, but I may do so anyway just in case. My old Immunet 3 installation file does not get flagged by any scanners so I may resort back to that. Thank you in advance for replying to my concerns! Sincerely, Mike P.S. Ok so this post is allowing files to be attached (the post I made in the Security Advisory forum did not). Below are screenshots (however it would not allow me to attach the two infected Immunet 5 setup files in question, reading "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"). Here is the most recent:
  8. As I'm sure some Immunet users have already discovered there is a new update being pushed through the GUI. I got a popup alert about the update earlier this evening. I'm happy to report that this version will install over top the older version thus your previous settings, exclusions and log in information will be preserved which is a nice touch! This version does have new agent.exe and iptray.exe MD5 checksums so you may have to create new allow/exclusion/exception rules for your firewall, etc... As far as what's new with this version I currently do not have any further information at this time. Hopefully an Admin. or someone in Development can enlighten us on the changes. Ritchie...
  9. Hello Everybody. Starting today we will be posting release notes in this thread. This thread will be locked, to be used for release notes only. --- -Immunet Version Release addressing the issues that surfaced because of If you have previously performed a clean uninstall and reinstall of Immunet 3.1.12, after an upgrade to 3.1.13, you are now able to re-activate your Plus account via the Settings page. If you are still experiencing issues with this release, please feel free to contact support@immunet.com. --- -Immunet Version This small release contains minor bug fixes for the TETRA engine. Release Notes: -Bug Fixes: Several minor bugs, most related to TETRA engine. !NOTE! There were some significant issues with version Version corrects these issues --- -Immunet Version This small release contains bug fixes. Release Notes: -Bug Fix: Fixed some issues with silent crashes -Bug Fixes: Several other minor bugs --- -Immunet Version This small release contains bug fixes. Release Notes: -Bug Fixes: Fixed an interface crash that occurred on a combination of settings/detections. -Bug Fixes: Several other minor interface bugs --- -Immunet Version This new version contains a mountain of bug fixes and some important Interface changes. Release Notes: -Operating System Support: Full Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 support! -User Interface Changes: The "My Community" and "Notices" features have been removed from the UI. These became redundant long ago as we found a way for our Cloud Servers to ensure all users received the full protection of Immunet's global community of over 2 million users, rather than just the few immediate users most had in their local communities. -User Interface Changes: We're now "Immunet 3" instead of "Immunet 3.0". There are so many minor changes since our last major release that we've had to rev our version number. -Engine Changes: New and improved versions of both the TETRA and Clam engines! -Bug Fixes: Network related issues that would cause Net Bios name resolution failures, VPN connection failures, and BSOD’s. -Bug Fixes: XML locking issues with the configuration files. -Bug Fixes: Many, many more! --- Immunet Version This version is considered a must-have for Plus users, or those wishing to upgrade to Plus in the future. (Newer versions also contain these fixes) Release Notes: -Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing TETRA signatures from successfully upgrading. -Made various changes so that upgrades run smoother, as well as more reliably. Cheers. ---
  10. Hello, I am not good speak english. I am sorry! Today I am update immunet to last version on server 2003. Then I am restart server DNS service started, but dont work, after command to stop and start DNS service it be work good. Then I am uninstall Immunet and restart server. DNS work good. And I am install Immunet, but Defects then start server return. If you can help me please.
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